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At a glance:

These Car Shades are manufactured in the UK and are made to fit your car make and model exactly. You can open your windows easily without removing them. They are easy to fit, they keep kids and pets cool, they block out bugs, add an extra level of security, they feature UV protection and anti-glare and they are alternative to window tints.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Elena: I would definitely recommend them to a friend. I absolutely love the feature of being able to use the shades while the windows are down. Making them ideal even having tinted windows. They are easy to install once you have done the first one. They come in a nice carry case, so it can be kept all together when not in use.

Katie: I would definitely recommend this product and in fact, I have already recommended them to several friends. I am sure they will be just as happy with them as we are. This is a fantastic product.

Jennifer: They come in a travel bag and are made to fit the make of your car. This means no gaps around the shades and I don’t have to worry that the sun will burn them or go in their eyes every time I turn. They were fiddly to put on but instructions come with them and the second time putting them on is easy. The little clips are so much better than conventional suckers. The shades don’t constantly fall off and the windows can be opened with the shades on to allow a breeze which is my favourite feature. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Jemma: Making sure my son is protected from the sun in my car is very important, I have found other shades don't completely cover the window and I have concerns about the level of UV rays that were entering my car. This product means that I no longer need to worry about the positioning or lack of protection. The covers shield the entire back of my car from the suns rays. This makes my life easier as I no longer need to have any concerns or continuously try to re-position the sun shades.

Georgi: It is so nice not having to worry about the sun blinding my daughter from any angle of the car! The back window blinds do keep falling out when I open the boot because they overlap which means they aren’t a tight fit. The sticky clips for the back door windows keep coming unstuck, which is irritating.

Stacey: These shades are easy to install once you work out the instructions. They hold well and cover the full back and side windows so the coverage is great and protects my baby completely. They keep the back of the car cooler in warmer weather. I like how I can open the windows with these shades on without them falling off like the suction cup style shades. With the windows open my baby is better protected from the wind and any bugs getting into the car.

Would you choose this product to win?

Danielle: I would choose this over all other types of car shades. It completely covers the windows without gaps so there is no need to adjust them. The fact it used clips also means they do not fall off the window which is something that happens with car shades that use suction pads. The window can be put down which is a great feature.

Elena: It is a quality product. It is well made and because it is tailored made, it fits perfectly. In my case, while the passenger's shades sadly didn't fit, the rear window and quarter windows shades were a good fit. It protects you from the sun and keeps children cool at the same time. It can also be used while windows are down.

Katie: I think this product should definitely win. These are much better than the other car shades I have tried. I think the fact that they are made to fit your car make these especially good. They are easy to fit. I am currently in the process of buying a new car and will be purchasing these shades.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Jennifer: The only thing I would change is having the choice to buy just the side window shades and all the window shades. I wouldn't be comfortable using rear window shades. The clips are quite similar in size and shape. If they could be better differentiated that would make life easier. Perhaps a different colour for each type of clip or a symbol on the ones that are the same. This would save time having to compare the clips to each other and the instructions all the time.

Jemma: I don't know if I will keep the back sun shades as I am unsure if they obscure my view whilst driving. However, I was impressed to see that these were offered as finding back/boot window sun shades that work effectively was tough. Although there are fitting instructions, I did struggle slightly. After visiting the website of the product I found an extremely useful video on fitting. On the paper instructions, it could explain that there is a video on the website that shows how to fit them.

Georgi: I would change the way they fit the windows. The back window shades keep falling out when I open the boot. The clip doesn’t hold them in at all. It pops out all of the time and the sticky clip for the back door windows keeps coming unstuck. This means the blinds aren’t fitting the way they are meant to.

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