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Flippa Dining Booster Review

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  • 2019 Bronze Best Travel Product Over £25

At a glance:

When you’re eating out with your little one, the Flippa quick fix dining booster gets them ready in no time. Designed to fit most dining chairs, the sturdy aluminium legs, four adjustable rubber feet and supportive harness make sure your child is safe and secure. Then you’re free to serve them up something tasty using the attached tray – or just pop the tray off and move them closer to the table. Flippa sets up and folds down in seconds and is highly transportable. Keep it handy for next time your child is hungry on the go.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lauren: I would definitely recommend this product because of its foldability as it can be easily stored or taken away on trips with you. We are using ours for our wedding so our little girl can be sitting at the top table with us and there will be no highchair taking up room or looking unsightly in our photos.

Bally: Yes I would absolutely recommend this product. It is easy to fold, put away and the design is great. I have found it easier to use than my high chair. It's easy to assemble on a chair for my little one to enjoy her meals times with us at the table. I have let other mums borrow the booster seat and they have given fabulous reviews of it. You can put your little one in the seat with some toys and food to keep them busy.

Elena: It is very easy to fold and collapse down. You press one button making it flat, easy to store and transport. It is just as easy to assemble and can be used on chairs or the floor. When I have used seats like this on the floor before, my daughter could easily topple it over if she leaned too far over to one side. With this, that doesn't happen and It has given me peace of mind that she is safe! The chair is very solid, stable and durable. It is very easy to wipe clean both the table and the chair.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: It’s quick and convenient to use when we are out and about or with friends/family. It becomes compact, small and lightweight. It is the perfect size for my son! We have used it mostly as a table chair on the ground which is so much easier for us. Our son learns to get in and out safely rather than in his chair where he is up high.

Ashleigh: This product has multiple functions. We have used it when out for a meal and also at home in the garden to save taking out the high chair. It’s handy when visiting friends as you can keep the mess of meals confined to one area. The table allows for self-feeding and also somewhere for the little one to play whilst they are waiting for their food. It gives me the chance to eat my food without running around after my little one or eating with him on my knee.

Vicki: This product is fantastic. I could strap it to a chair or have it on the floor. I travel a lot so it was great to transport around with me while travelling with my little girl. It is easy to fold down and put in the car as it is a very lightweight product. It takes two minutes to strap them in so you do not have to fiddle around with it for long which is important when running a busy household.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jo: Having looked at similar travel high chairs this is definitely the best one on the market. The tray table is big and the Flippa feels more secure when on the floor and on a chair than its competitors. I 100% believe this product should win this category.

Briony: I would 100% choose this product to win. I haven’t tried anything like this before but it has made my life so much easier. I can keep it at the dining room table instead of having to get the high chair out at every meal time. I am disabled so that is hard work. I took it out for a meal with my family and my son enjoyed it more as he was at our eye level and not lower like the ones you get in restaurants. I will definitely be buying another for my daughter.

Melissa: I think this product does deserve to win. It is very handy for parents and I like how it can be used on both chairs and the floor. I like how it is sturdy so I do not have to worry about it breaking. It comes in different colours so there are choices for everyone.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lauren: I don’t think there is anything I would change about this product. Some may find it slightly overpriced due to the size of the product. I had the green chair and wasn’t overly keen on the colour. Overall, I loved this product and can’t wait to continue using it with any other children I may have.

Bally: I think the product could be improved by having a handle, strap or a carry bag. Currently, I am carrying it in its box. Perhaps a cup holder on the seat or tray would be good.

Elena: The only aspect that I would change or include would be a travel bag to transport the chair in. This would ensure it stays clean and is even easier to transport. A simple drawstring bag to protect it would be useful, especially if you are looking to travel abroad with it! I would also make it slightly lighter for transport.

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