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Hippychick Waterproof Memory Foam Travel Pillow Review


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  • 2020 Shortlisted Best Travel Product Over £25
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At a glance:

The Hippychick Waterproof Memory Foam Travel Pillow is perfect for those who are always on the go and in need of some support on their back and neck when travelling. This pillow can be easily rolled up and packed away in a travel bag, which easily bounces back into its position when you need it. 

How did this product make your life easier?

Tiffany: This product is lovely and really compact. It fits so well into a small carry bag so perfect for travelling. It's perfect for when on the go too. The bag is a nice neutral grey so it will go with anything and can hang on to pram, bag, rucksack or anywhere. It's really quick to get out if you need it for a car, or the train, etc.

Elizabeth: It makes packing for trips away easier as my daughter has a dedicated pillow especially for travelling or trips away and it is something she is familiar with. It is lovely and soft and pops quickly into shape when it’s required, no need to blow up, etc. It is nice and compact and easy to pack into the home and car. 

Helen: I like this product. It packs away really easily, is comfortable and versatile, and both my two-year-old and eleven-year-old enjoy using it. It's useful for in the car when camping and to take away. It can be compressed very quickly back into the small carry bag with no fighting it into submission. I will also admit I've used it as a support pillow through my current pregnancy as it's firm and cool and very comfortable.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Katie: I would recommend this product to anyone who travels with their children frequently. The pillow squashes down into an impressively small and convenient bag with its own carry rope. The pillow is also surprisingly comfortable and bigger than you might expect so it would be perfect for use when guests are staying over. I imagine the waterproof feature would be a great relief for many parents too!

Helen: I would highly recommend it. I think it's a clever piece of equipment and much better than an inflatable or bean filled cushion. It packs away well, transports well (heavier than an inflatable) and is like having a proper pillow while you're away. It is smaller than an adult pillow and a bit thicker/higher than a standard toddler pillow but it works well.

Jade: Yes absolutely. It's versatile, lightweight and really doesn't take up much room in your bag! It's soft and the cover can be washed easily which means germs don't build up and if there are any accidents it doesn't matter so much! I really like the design and colour, it looks fashionable and will definitely be a staple part of any travelling we do in the future.

Would you choose this product to win?

Kirsty: Probably not, whilst the product was comfortable and I liked the memory foam that was used in it I felt that other products had a better design. Other products have a wrap-around neck design which would have been more useful when travelling in the car or other transport. If you were camping, however, the waterproof nature and portability would have been very useful.

Katie: This product is very good at what it does. It is well designed, versatile, comfortable, compact and hardwearing. It would appear to have many uses around the home and in day to day life as well as when travelling. However, I do feel that the price of the pillow is quite high, possibly due to the recognisable brand name. I do not think that I would use the pillow enough to justify the price, but some people may do.

Elizabeth: I’m not sure there is a particular need for this product on the market if I’m honest. It is useful but is quite expensive and most places we go to outside the house have a pillow we can use eg grandparents or hotel. There is something nice about it being familiar to the child and it’s compact but it probably isn’t an ‘essential’ product to have as a mum. 

What changes would you make to this product?

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