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Nuna SENA aire Review

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  • 2020 Gold Best Travel Product Over £25
  • 2020 Gold Best Travel Product Over £30

At a glance:

This high-quality product is a worthy investment that will last your baby from newborn to toddler. The cot is easy to assemble and compact enough to carry with ease. For us, the standout feature is the breathable, perforated mattress.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kerry: This product has made my life easier as a mum as it was so easy to use and very lightweight. It is very easy to transport around which makes travelling so much easier. The carry bag is also helpfull. It isn’t bulky like I have found with others and my daughter found it very comfortable and slept really well!

Carly: The Sena Aire makes my life easier as a mum as it’s super quick and simple to set it up. It didn’t take any effort and I didn’t have to refer to the setting-up instructions. The product was very stable and sturdy even with my one-year-old boy climbing around and standing up in it. It didn’t move around on the floor or feel like he wasn’t safe.

Holly: The product's instructions were easy to understand but before I looked at them, I decided to see if I could put the product up without instructions. This travel cot was amazing, it took me minutes to get out and put up, and it took me seconds to work out how to take out the bassinet insert which was easy and lightweight. This was amazing as it definitely would give you back time. There is no need for the instructions but I read them after and they were self-explanatory. The only niggle I have with the product is the weight of it as it was very heavy, but for the quality of the product, I can see why it was so heavy. I also love the organic bedsheet it comes with. Very nice touch.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Anna: I would recommend this as it is very easy to put up compared to some of the other travel cots. I found it very easy to fold up and put it into my car to stay over at my mums house. I also like the design, it is very simple and sleek so it doesn't clash with my living room decorations which is nice as lots of baby products are patterned.

Alix: I’d definitely recommend this to a friend or family as it’s just so easy to assemble it’s not hard or a struggle to put up or to take down. The storage bag was easy to fit over as well. It was easy to transport room to room when folded. It also comes with a fitted sheet which is handy. The height on this is great as my daughter was unable to climb out but if she did she is very close to the floor in comparison to a cot!

Sharon: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum if her child was staying out or if she travelled a lot. It looks really well made which makes you feel secure leaving your child to sleep or play in. The travel cot looks very comfortable for your baby, it opens easily and folds with just one hand. I especially liked the padded edges.

Would you choose this product to win?

Hayley: I would definitely choose this product over others as it was extremely easy to assemble and disassemble as carrying my child in my arms. I particularly liked how it has two levels for my baby and for my toddler. This was great for when my child grew as I was able to adjust the travel cot to her age and weight.

Beth: This travel cot really is a cut above the rest in terms of the attention to detail and the quality of the product. I really like that the makers have tried to think of the best possible way to make a travel cot and iron out little niggles that might have existed for other makes and models in the past. For example, I like that it comes with a fitted sheet that can be easily removed and cleaned and has velcro pads to ensure it doesn't move around or become entangled with the baby. Secondly, the travel cot comes with an insert that can be used for younger babies, and I love that the travel cot can be folded and stored with this insert in place rather than having to construct the cot and then add on an additional piece. Lastly, the quality of the cot is really second to none. The materials used, the design and the sturdiness speak to this and really give you confidence as a parent that this is a safe place for your child to sleep or play.

Holly: I currently have a cheaper travel cot which is an absolute nightmare to put up it is heavy bulky and the mattress is pretty none existent. This travel cot besides the weight, goes up against all other travel systems out there. The mattress is substantial and comfortable, the extra bassinet that can be easily removed and put in which is amazing for young babies. Lastly, the ease of putting the cot up left us with no sweat on our brow by the end of it. I love it.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alix: I’d personally like to change the weight of this travel cot! I found it to be very heavy when carrying it around, as it is not lightweight at all. It’s a struggle for people who are weaker like myself. I was unable to carry it for a long time. I couldn’t say there was anything else I would change about this product it really is great!

Sharon: The thing I would change about this product is the weight, as it is quite heavy when all folded and in the carry bag, compared to cheaper products on the market. But, on the balance of quality and the extra weight, I would recommend this product if you are intending to use it often and if you want to use this for additional children.

Beth: The only minor thing I could think of is that the cot does seem heavy. I suppose with excellent construction, engineering and materials comes a bit of weight! While I don't think that this is a deal-breaker in any sense of the word (certainly if you are mainly transporting the travel cot by car, or just using it as an occasional cot at grandparents, etc.) The weight would be important if you needed to take the cot with you overseas and travelling by plane, so it's something to bear in mind should this be the case.

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