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Babiator Sunglasses Review

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Babiator Sunglasses at a glance:

Babiators are sunglasses for babies and children that are stylish, safe and durable. The sunglasses are stylish and have 100% UVA/UVB protection, high-quality, durable and virtually indestructible frames and lenses. Plus lose or break them in the first year and Babiator will replace them for free. They come in a range of sizes (Junior 0-2y, Classic 3-5 and Kids (6+) so your little ones eyes can be protected at every stage, and a range of different styles to suit every personal taste and personality.

How did this product make your life easier?  

Rebecca: These sunglasses are cute and so far toddler indestructible! They're made of a flexible material and so i dont have to spend my time trying to stop her accidentally breaking them! Eye safety is so important and having a reliable product that protects my daughter's eyes and doesn't break is so helpful!

Nicola D: My little one is obsessed with glasses and sunglasses. She loves to snatch them off our heads! Having a pair that are not only hers but are also really durable meant that we can now just hand her the pair that belong to her when she's trying to steal ours! She enjoys wearing and playing with them as well as trying to get us to wear them.

Lauren: This product makes my life easier as a mum because they are designed so that they can bend about and won't break easily meaning my toddler is free to put them on and off as many times as she likes without me being worried that she is going to break them and I will have to buy another pair of glasses for her.

Would you recommend this to other parents?  

Helen: I would recommend these because they are very lightweight. When the child wears them they sit comfortably on their face and don't leave a mark on the nose like some of the cheaper brands on the market. They are very small too so fit handily into any bag you may be taking out and about with you. I would say they are easy to clean too so if baby has got sticky fingers on them a quick wipe with some anti-bac wiped and screen cleaner would do the job to clean it up. I like that the product is BPA free and if purchased it says on the box if you lose or break them they will replace them for free. This to me is a good thing to offer as children do easily loose and break things!

Lauren: I would recommend this product because of the hard to break design which is perfect for young children who like to put them on themselves. I would also recommend this product because of its UV rating being the highest possible, this gives you peace of mind that your child's eye are fully protected whilst wearing them

Nicola C: If your child will happily keep these sunglasses on then they are great. I would recommend as they come in different colours and the materials they are made of don't seem to break. My 18m old kept taking them off and trying to break them and they were able to withstand to his efforts. they are easy to pop in the changing bag and take with you on sunny days.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Katharine: They look cool and the brand seems to be reputable from what I've seen. We haven't tried any other child sunglasses in the same price bracket so it is hard to know how they compare to other glasses of that cost. They are certainly nicer looking and more robust than the cheaper ones we have had in the past.

Bella: The style of the product is cute and well designed. They look adorable on my little boy too. As they last a few years it's good value too. The plastic is very high quality and they are difficult to break so this means they have good durability too. My little boy enjoyed wearing them, and I liked sending cute photos of him in his sunnies to his nan.

Tracy: To be honest I am unsure if I would choose this product above all else on the market and would like to explore it further. These babiators were specifically for young children. The bonus is they are versatile and below £30 so a very good choice that doesn’t break the bank. I liked how these glasses looked and were very unfussy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen: I have really enjoyed trying these glasses out but the only thing I think I would change is having something to help.hold them on the child's face. Maybe a band around the back of the head or something to loop over their ears My thought is that I have a 15 month old and the glasses sent are for 0-2. Now on my son they are quite loose and sit high above the bridge of his nose so slide of when he looks down. I'm not sure how they would sit on a young baby if they come up big on a child nearly at the age limit. My older son who is 3 tried them on for me to see how they sit on him and they don't seem too small so maybe yes they need to either make smaller ones for younger babies or provide something to help keep them on the face.

Lauren: If I could change one thing about this product it would be to add an elasticated strap as the glasses kept slipping down my daughter's nose meaning she kept pulling them off and trying to put them back on. If the product had a strap it would stop this from happening and it would be less likely that they could become lost

Katharine: They seem to slip off my baby's face quite easily, they don't really cling to the head like some other designs do. Also, if they had a string or something to attach them a bit better to her then that would be helpful as I worry they will drop off and get lost. Also, they are quite expensive compared to similar products on the market.

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