BabyView Eco Flex Baby Monitor, SEW-3048 Wisenet Review

from Wisenet
RRP £129
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

This easy to set-up camera is both stylish and functional, subtly slotting into any home. Users can monitor their home at ease, providing complete control of home security anytime, anywhere. All models come with night vision and two-way talk, ensuring families stay close to their little ones.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Laura: I would recommend this product to friends due to the quality of the camera and its ease of use. If you travel, the fact that it comes with EU adapters is a huge bonus! I have had previous monitors and have spent a long time trying to balance cameras on a variety of surfaces to get a good picture. The Wisenet allows the camera to be fixed to the bars of the cot making life so much easier!

Bekki: I would recommend this baby monitor as it was easy to assemble, easy to use and the sound and picture is very clear. The battery life was very good and the range excellent. I was able to sit right at the back of my long garden during my daughter's daytime naps! The camera also looks modern and fits in well in her room.

Victoria: Very easy to use and it gives you that peace of mind. I like the design as even though I am a mum I still want a stylish looking product.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kayleigh: This product enables me to see, hear and communicate with my baby whilst he is sleeping. This makes me much more relaxed as I can see my baby at all times. It is easily set up and the two-way talk means it is not always necessary for me to go up to my baby which prevents him from getting upset and waking himself.

Tanya: This product stops me worrying as much about my son when he is asleep. I can relax knowing that I can just look at the camera to see if he is safe. I can get on with jobs around the house instead of having to run up the stairs to check on him. If I can see that he is about to fall out of bed I can now prevent that.

Leah: This is the sort of baby monitor I have been was waiting for! I absolutely love it. The picture quality is very clear and night mode is great as I can see my baby very clearly. The monitor has got lots of different options on it for sounds, lullaby's, brightness and you can even talk to your baby through the monitor. It is fantastic!

Would you choose this product to win?

Meera: It really helps mums that the camera is flexible. Being able to attach the camera to awkward places so your visibility of your baby can be clear is amazing. The attachment that can be used to be fixed onto the wall is a lovely feature if other places cannot be used. It is clever that when you are travelling/in a new place you can set up the monitor easily. The flexibility helps with the ease of setting up and give parents that peace of mind.

Laura: I would choose this product over others because of the quality of the sound and camera. Its battery life is long and the range of its signal is all excellent. It is expensive but it is worth every penny. Once you have read the instructions and played around with the features it is actually very easy to use. The option to have the camera on a stand or use the bendable legs to wrap it around different items is brilliant and means installing it is quick and easy.

Bekki: The product has a lot of features which makes it a fantastic choice of video monitor. Its modern appearance makes it stand out from others on the market, in addition to the three different ways of attaching/stabilizing the monitor. Whilst it is a great monitor, I'm not sure it is worthy of the price tag.

What changes would you make to this product?

Victoria: I would make it wireless as the lead does put me off slightly as the position of the cot and plugs might not always be suitable. You would need the battery to last without having to worry about plugging it in/charging it throughout the night.

Kayleigh: If I could change one thing about this product it would be to add a movement sensor mat. This would make it the perfect all round product ticking all boxes a parent needs. The sensor mat is a vital bit of equipment that I personally love as it sets my mind at ease when my baby is sleeping and enables me to relax without staring at my bay 24/7.

Tanya: There isn't anything I would change about this product. The overall product is perfect for any parent. The camera and monitor allow you to not worry all the time. It is such a perfect design that you can watch your baby sleeping knowing they are safe. I hope this product wins!

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