Tomy TFV600 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

from Tomy
RRP £99.99
TOMY TFV600 Digital Video Monitor
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by Thought Thought |

2015 – Shortlisted for 'Best Baby monitor' Award!

The Tomy TFV600 Digital Video Monitor is easy to set up (just plug in and ‘go’) and just as easy to use. The sound quality is good but the screen is very small and the video quality is not great. The buttons are also clunky and the menu fiddly. That said; the monitor has some great features, including a remote-control night light function, temperature display and a ‘sound activation mode’ that may be helpful for older babies who readily self-settle.

A couple of niggles but overall, a decent product that is fairly priced.


Reviewed by Rebecca McKelvey, 32, and Leonora, six months, From East London

Rebecca said: ‘The image quality and sound are good. The clear night-time vision lets you see your baby even in a dark room.

‘The video images aren’t so clear, but this is a good product for the price.

‘I was impressed by the extra features, including a lullaby mode, a dimmable night light, talk-back, and a temperature display. This offers all the extras for half the price.’

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