BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Move Review

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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Move
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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Move at a glance:

Designed for active and social parents, Baby Carrier Move has built-in back support and a waist belt that distributes weight away from the baby wearer's shoulders. The baby carrier's thin and flexible 3D mesh fabric ensures that a newborn baby is sitting in a perfect position and the size of the baby carrier can be adjusted as the baby grows. The soft fabric hugs the baby's back, legs and hips, and provides good support.

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We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

R D Farrar says: This carrier is AMAZING! It is simple to use, comfortable to wear and my little one seems to be comfortable too! She loves been carried and this is by far the best one I have seen and used. I have a toddler too - and trying to balance chasing after him with carrying my little girl can be difficult. I had abandoned carriers after finding myself holding my baby still as I did not feel comfortable allowing the carrier to essentially do its job - and having the pushchair meant deciding whether to abandon my baby to pursue a toddler, or rally driving to keep up sometime!! This carrier feels safe and strong and so well made. It means I no longer have to make that decision. I can clip my little girl in and out so quick and simply, but with the feeling of safety. It is simply a must-have product!

Nicola Jones says: As a busy mom of children that have liked to be held the baby carriers have been worth their weight in gold for myself. Not only only are they great for around the house (both for chores and comfort) but we enjoy a daily dog walk using ours too which means we can go on much more exciting walks than where the buggy allows. It also makes jumping in the car and going places much quicker as no need to pack up a pram. The BabyBjorn Move is a lovely lightweight carrier that is very comfortable to wear and very secure for baby which means doing household tasks and bending down have been a doddle and Ive not needed to provide additional support like in some carriers. Also as a breastfeeding mom the design of this carrier in particular is a dream. I can easily get baby out and have access to the milk source with no need to remove the carrier. This means Ive been able to use it out and about solo as I've not needed anyone else to hold baby whilst i remove a carrier. Top marks here!

Lesley Murray says: It also allows me to take the dog for a walk minus the pram on days where my husband is working. I also think it will be easier for carrying baby when I want to go the shops quickly without needing to bring out the pram and assemble it. If I am in a rush to leave the house or planning to go somewhere without the car it saves me needing to take the pram with me. My son is also comforted by the bouncing when we walk with him in the carrier so he enjoys walks as well!

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Shereen Mushtaq says: It is a sturdy carrier and also very cushiony to the touch. My little one enjoys being in this most of the time. As well as being easy to clip together, it is reasonably easy to take off. Just a little tricky to push the button to get the baby out. It looks nice and modern and overall is easier than other carriers that have millions of buckles and loops.

Nicola Jones says: I would absolutely recommend this carrier above many others I have tried. The material is incredibly soft and lightweight, baby feels very secure and comfortable, its very easy to use solo, and I have worn it comfortably for longer periods of time when out walking. It's also very easy to pop into the wash as quite often the front gets 'mouthed' when my little girl faces outwards (it dries very quickly!). Its a very neat carrier, folds up very small, and I love the natty way the instructions are stitched in and simply fold into a little pocket on the carrier - meaning you can never lose them. Its also great to not have to remove it over your head which can be a nuisance if you've just done your hair! I would certainly use this from newborn and its really easy to adjust as your baby grows. We are currently 9 months and using it lots.

R D Farrar says: I would recommend this carrier to ALL my friends and mummies. It is a great design; super simple to use, comfortable to wear and for baby as well as been easy to and compact to take out with me. The design is a revolution! It is soft but strong, breathable and beautiful. I love the size guide, and how they even through about hiding this away in a tiny pocket. It is a thing of beauty. It is easy to clean and grows with your baby - so well worth the investment as it will last through the months. There is, in my opinion, no greater way to carry your baby with ease and safety, while still been stylish and feeling close to your little one.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lesley Murray says: Yes, I think this should win. It is very high-quality material. Really easy to use and comfortable design and I feel my baby is very secure in it. I think the fact it is the brand “Baby Bjorn” makes me feel proud to use and is a mark of good quality. I think this product is an investment – would remain in good condition to be used for subsequent children.

Shereen Mushtaq says: This is a great carrier, but a little pricey. Its fantastic for time and if you're in a hurry, but for me it is a bit out of my price range. However, if I had the option to try this before my first child it would be more economical and i would think about purchasing it. The reason this carrier would get my vote, is just how quick and basic it is to put on when I am busy.

R D Farrar says: I think this carrier is revolutionary! It feels so lovely to wear, is user friendly and beautiful. I love every aspect of the design, from choice of fabric to the easy to use clips. The attention to detail is excellent - and I really feel like both user (Mummy/Daddy) and baby were thought about deeply in the making of this carrier. I would even let Grandpa use it without much instruction - which for me says it all!! I think this carrier deserves to win, on comfort and safety alone, but added to that is the little details, ease of use, stylishness and transport ability. This is a product every parent should own. It is practically incomparable to any other carrier I have used, and got rid of!

What changes would you make to this product?

Nicola Jones says: There are very few negative things to say about this carrier. The main one for myself would be having a travel bag / storage bag to pop it in to keep clean. I am sure I am not the only one who will throw things in the back of the car and as my little girl does like to chew on it I like to keep it as clean as possible! My partner tried it for the first time recently and would benefit from a larger version. The straps are plenty roomy however the length doesn't really accommodate someone at 6'3. That said he had it on for around an hour and was comfortable.

Shereen Mushtaq says: There is a small piece of plastic that sits directly under little ones bum. To me it seems uncomfortable for her bum to be perched upon for a long time. If I could change something. I would add a layer of cushioning ontop of this to make iy more comfortable for the baby and so they are able to stay in it a bit longer.

Lesley Murray says: Personally, I would like for this carrier to allow me to carry baby on front or back. Especially with the weight range it can hold up to! However, I know there is another carrier in the range that does allow for this. Having tested this product, I think I will be investing in the next product in the range.

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