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Close Parent Lite Carrier by Caboo
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Caboo Lite Carrier at a glance:

Caboo is the original sling re-invented and has long been the UK's favourite newborn carrier. Easy to use alone it pops on over the head like a t-shirt, giving you all the great positioning, support and flexibility of a stretchy wrap but without the headache of tying. Once on it tightens down to fit baby and wearer exactly thanks to the clever rings. The soft wide straps make carrying more comfortable, and allow you to tuck little one's head in cheek to chest when needed. Caboo Lite is designed to provide all the same closeness for that little bit less!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Adele Barnett says: Carriers suitable for newborns are so much more needed than I first realised. Our baby was born small so the carrier that we had we could not use for the first 6 weeks as she was under 3kg. This carrier is light weight and relatively easy to put on for a material sling. Plus the fabric is reassuringly breathable which I found reassuring especially as you could use it from newborn.

Miriam Bibi says: The caboo is a new mums best friend! It allows me to keep baby close to my body while giving me the freedom to move about the house, have a cup of tea and get some chores done! It really does change your day completely from being quite sedentary to being mobile while feeling the closeness and warmth of baby. I found other wrap style slings really tricky to put on but the Caboo is more structured and much easier to wear. It’s quite easy to put on quickly and soothe baby.

Laura Bradley says: In the early days, after my baby was born, she would only sleep for long periods of time when on me, therefore by being safe and secure in the carrier it would allow me to have my hands free and do jobs whilst she sleeps comfortably. I only received the carrier when my baby was a little older but it was still useful in that I could get out and about knowing my baby was comfortable.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Alice Burrows says: I think this is a fantastic product for a newborn baby and for the first couple of months. One of the best features of the Caboo lite is how light and compact it is. It is very lightweight and comes in its own little sack which becomes part of the sling! The Caboo light is made of good quality material that feels very soft and it is a breathable fabric so the baby will not overheat. My baby felt very secure and safe in the Caboo lite and it is lovely to bond with your baby. My baby is now 5 and a 1/2 months old and for him I would not recommend it. Due to the fact, it is much more suited for a newborn baby. It felt very heavy with him and it was pulling on my back. Also he has enjoyed baby carriers in which he can look out and he was not able to do that so much in this one.

Lucia Carassiti says: I have definitely recommended this product to all my friends who are pregnant, to maximise its use from newborn up to 14.5 kg! I love using this product, Erica is so close to me I have ridiculously high level of oxytocin, my baby is happy, feels safe and all cuddled up. The product is very stylish, you can choose from different colours and patterns, I have the ‘cloud’ colour, a perfect neutral colour, a green / blue muted pastel shade. The colour is so nice that I had compliments from all my antenatal friends (both boy and girl mums’). The fabric is very soft and the product is very comfortable, I used it for 3-4 hours few weeks ago at a socially distanced garden party, it was just want I needed, Erica enjoyed meeting some friends for the first time and even had a nap on me.

Brogan Cartwright says: I would recommend these to fellow moms because of how easy it is to use and how simple it is, the instructions are easy to use and figure out and it’s not hard to figure out how to put on win to instructions too compared to others I’ve used, I’ve found it really hard to put them on even with instructions but this definitely is one of the easiest.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Gabrialla Challis says: Yes I genuinely would and that ultimately comes down to how comfortable I have found it. It all tucks away nicely in to a neat bag (which is also part of the carrier so no unnecessary material) It hardly takes up any room so can be transported in a baby change bag or I just keep mine at the bottom of the push chair in case my baby needs contact with me.

Amy Fowler says: I would choose this product as it’s very versatile and can be used at any time around the house or out and about. It has the natural feel of a fabric sling while giving extra support similar to something like an ergo baby carrier. I feels comfortable and looks good. It seems like it will last quite a long time and is easy to care for. It packs down small so is easy to store and transport.

Janine Hendry says: The close caboodles has been a total game changer. It's been so helpful with a newborn through to the toddler years. It's soft and simple to use and adjust, with the ring system. It's great to help with skin to skin, and can be machine washed. Comes with a support that you can carry essentials with you, allowing you to be totally hands free. Also suitable for breast feeding.

What changes would you make to this product?

Miriam Bibi says: The one thing I would change about the product would be the instruction booklet. I found the pictures quite tricky to follow and resorted to a youtube video instead. Perhaps a link to a youtube video on the manual would be good for ease of use - everything is digital these days and videos are so much easier than reading a manual!

Alice Burrows says: Personally, I found it challenging to set up. I watched the YouTube video and read the book and still needed to try numerous times. In addition, I think as my little one is older now (5 and a 1/2 months) it would be nice if he was able to look around more (sometimes a back position is great for this or front facing).

Lucia Carassiti says: I would choose this product over others as it is extremely easy to use and carry around , while so soft carriers are just endless strips of fabric, tricky to wear. I feel the product has been designed with mums and little ones in mind, it provides a good weight distribution for Erica and has been acknowledged as a “hip healthy“ carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and it is comfortable for me too. The material is a soft lightweight poly cotton blend (70% Cotton, 30% Polyester) with added stretch, I washed it once and came out very well. I was also impressed with the 14 minutes video on the Close website, extremely easy to follow and good to explain few different positions the carrier can be used in. I tried the front one and now that Erica is 6 months also the side one (where she sits on my hip). Unfortunately she’s a very big and long baby and the breastfeeding position didn’t quite work, I wish I had got it sooner to try that one too.

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Weight range: Newborn or 2.3kg - 14kg

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