FreeRider Baby Carrier Wrap Review

from FreeRider
RRP £49.99
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by Catriona Watson |

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At a glance:

This is the ideal everyday wrap. It has a slightly higher percentage spandex within the fabric providing added flexibility and comfort. This means it it will keep your baby safe and secure all day long. It comes in one size fits all and is designed to carry up to 35lbs.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Misha: Yes, definitely. The design is beautiful and the material is really soft for the baby's skin. The wrap comes in a lovely little bag so you can transport it without it getting dirty. You can wash it really easily and good instructions are given. The wrap is a nice alternative to other bulkier slings.

Jody: The wrap is very elegant and eye-catching. Friends and strangers have asked me about the sling/wrap. I would definitely recommend this FreeRider wrap to friends. It comes beautifully packaged, clear instructions and made to a high standard. I have about five other carriers and this is now my go-to wrap.

Emily: It is really easy to use and transport. It is a gorgeous design so it feels and looks great to wear, much better than any other wrap I've tried. Using the wrap makes it so easy to get out of the house which is really important with a new baby. I also like the fact that FreeRider has an environmentally conscious focus and have used sustainable fabric made from eucalyptus tree pulp.

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: I would recommend this product as it is lightweight and the material is seriously soft. I've tried other slings but the softness was unbelievable. I also had many comments on how beautiful the design of the wrap is and it hides any dribble marks. The instructions are helpful but it does require some practice to get the exact tightness.

Samantha: This carrier is both beautiful and lightweight. It comes with its own little pouch so can be kept in your change bag without taking up much room. It is made of a soft thin fabric which prevents baby getting too hot. There are instructions and a video online to help you learn how to fit the wrap correctly. Once you have mastered how to use it, it can be fitted quickly and it allows you to be hands-free while still giving baby cuddles and comfort.

Marianne: Lovely baby sling. Compact and easily portable so easy to have as needed in your handbag. Although the fabric is thin it feels strong and keeps your baby close and secure. The lightweight fabric helps in the hot weather. It is visually beautiful so happy to show off the sling and would certainly be a lovely item to buy a new mother as a gift.

Would you choose this product to win?

Emily: This wrap is without a doubt the best on the market. I have used others & found them too hot but the fabric of this wrap is really breathable and this is what makes it stand out for me. I also like the fact that in the future FreeRider will be making wraps to support various charities and will donate a percentage of the profits.

Marianne: For style, portability and comfort, it is above all others that I have experienced on the market, and therefore is a strong contender for the winner.

Stuart: I think this has to win. The attention to detail is just amazing. You can tell that this wrap is the brain-child of someone who knows what parents need. Everything about it feels premium - the presentation in the box, the how-to guide, the design, the feel of the material, how it looks when wearing it - it's just brilliant. The guide has advice on how to wrap it around you in different ways which I thought was another great touch.

What changes would you make to this product?

Marianne: If there was a safe way to tie the sling to make this into a back carrier as well then this product would be more versatile and I would feel I could use this with my two-year-old too.

Jody: I used this wrap with a 4 week - 8-week-old baby in the heat wave and he has loved being in the sling. I honestly would not change anything. It is stunning, easy to use, quick, well built and lightweight. The only thing I struggled with is the length when putting it on and sometimes getting tangled when I took it off.

Misha: If I could change one thing, it would probably be the length of the fabric. If you are petite or slim, there appears to be excess fabric which can become a bit uncomfortable especially in warmer weather. They could maybe do different lengths.

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