Cheeky Chompers Handychew Review

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Cheeky Chompers Handychew at a glance:

Bertie the Lion and Darcy the Elephant Handychews are perfect companions to soothe and stimulate babies during teething. The compact teething toy is bursting with sensory features including a range of textures, rattle, attachable strap, pacifier loop and Cheeky Chompers signature teether. The food-grade silicone teether (FDA approved), contains no BPA or phthalates and is textured to give great 'bite' and soothe gums. The Handychew is the perfect handy size for babies to hold, safely chew, play with as well as being great addition to any changing bag.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emily: I liked that I could put the teether on to my baby's wrist when putting her in the car seat or buggy and knew that she would not drop it straight away. However, she quickly learned that she could pull it off her wrist to play with. Being able to put it through the washing machine is helpful for when it got dirty.

Talia: As a mum, this product makes my life easier because it distracts and soothes my baby when she is teething, which means I can get on with everyday jobs that I couldn't normally do, due to my baby being upset and irritable because of her gums bothering her. The wrist attachment also means it doesn't get dropped as easily.

Jessica: My son really likes playing with the Handychew. I like that it is machine washable, it makes it very easy to clean. I particularly loved the large elastic loop - I can put the toy on his wrist, around the bumper bar of his buggy, or the carrying handle of the car seat so that he can reach it but not drop it. Other toys we've tried have elastic loops but they aren't big enough to do that, and I've even found they are too tight on his wrist. I also like that there are different sensory textures and sounds, at the moment my son loves the crinkle ear but once he starts teething the rubber ear will probably become his favorite, so the toy will grow with him.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Bethany: I would probably not recommend it however, I would recommend it maybe to see if it actually works for other mums, to see if their babies keep it on their wrist like the product is supposed to. The toy itself is good for teething and my baby girl loves putting it in her mouth so possibly would recommend as teething toy.

Lauren: The Handychew is a cute, sensory teething toy. We were sent Bertie the Lion. My 7 month old took to him straight away! The Handychew has a number of features that make it perfect for babies from birth. The teether ear is soft and pliable with multiple textures. This gives a better chew and soothes tender gums. The handy strap means it can be attached to your baby’s wrist or the pushchair so you don’t have to constantly pick it up.

Harriet: Oh my goodness this product is amazing! As soon as I put the handychew on my baby’s wrist he knew what to do straight away and fast became my “go-to” teether for him! The colours and detail are brilliant and there isn’t anything else on the market quite like it! I have recommended this handychew to lots of my mummy friends too!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Claire: Yes I would defiantly choose this product above others on the market. It’s priced fairly, great for all ages, the wrist strap really makes this product stand out. It can attach to strap on push chairs ect if need be so your never lose it. Overall I couldn’t fault this product at all I really loved it.

Jessica: I think this product stands out for a few reasons. The various sensory areas means that your baby can get multiple uses out of it. I love that it's easily transportable and can hook on various things so it doesn't fall, or get thrown to the ground, easily. It has quickly become the toy that we take 'on the go'. I think that being able to wash it in the washing machine is huge plus, especially with the crinkly ear - most of our other crinkle toys are spot clean only, and I never feel I can properly clean them that way. It's done a few washed now, and I've not noticed any wearing or changes. I also appreciate that this company was founded by 2 mums, as they really got what both a baby and a mum would want in a toy like this.

Talia: I think this product should win because its innovative, modern, compact and has a lovely design. All the different elements on such a compact teether with the tactile scrunchy ear, the teether ear, the soft wrist attachment (which can easily be removed by baby if they get fed up) and the string to attach a dummy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Shelley: I don't think the dummy loop works quite as well as it was thought to. The loop is too short to allow the toy to fall to the side if baby falls asleep without pulling the dummy out and waking the baby ! After a few attempts of having a dummy attached we decided it was better without the dummy. It doesn't need this feature.

Sydney: If I could change one thing about this product it would be to make it a better teether. I would either make the teething part on the toy bigger and more effective or I would add another teething part onto the toy so there was more things to chew on and relieve teething pain when needed. Maybe being able to put the product in the fridge could help with making it more effective.

Bethany: I would maybe make the wrist bit a little bit tighter or even adjustable this may help to keep the toy on baby's wrist. Apart from it not staying on the wrist of my baby there is nothing else I would change about it. Like I have said previously my daughter loves it as a toy and does reach out for it when she sees it.

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