Dynamic Gymini Review

from Tiny Love
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

This uniquely versatile baby activity mat has adjustable moving arches that adapt to baby's age and stage, encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills from day one.
Electronic recording bird toy with lights and music feedback stimulates baby and encourages the development of language, communication and cognition, allowing parents to record sweet messages for younger baby and toddlers to record themselves.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nicola: Yes, I would definitely recommend this product. I loved how it folds away easily and how the little parts can be taken off and taken with you when going out. You can use it at home, in the car or take it out in the changing bag. The mat is washable which is a must with little babies and it is a quick-drying material which means you can wash it and be ready to use it the next day.

Joanne: It is a good size mat with plenty of room for your little one. The toys that hang on the arch are really lovely. The mat also wipes clean which is always handy with little ones. The fact that you can record your own message/music into the owl is a lovely idea.

Victoria: I would recommend this product as it's such good quality and has so many different toys on it. It suits all development milestones and you are able to customise it by moving the arches to suit babies age. I love this aspect as it will last from when your baby is newborn till a toddler. You can even do tummy time with the bunny pillow. The product looks lovely and seems to be comfortable for baby to lie on.

How did this product make your life easier?

Tessa: I would recommend this as it provides entertainment for the baby and I feel reassured that he is happy while I get on with errands. The changeable arch feature has been a nice touch, allowing me to adjust how high or low the toys hang, and therefore as my baby has got bigger I am able to adjust the activity to his ability. The is designed with babies in mind and the colours are bright and stimulating for the little one.

Jade: The Dynamic Gymini baby play mat is suitable for one-year-olds as well as newborn babies. It's sturdy when put together and I love the fact you can move the bar angles in order to lay near the baby or for older kids to have more room to sit and play. Once put together you can just pick it up and it folds up well/is easy to store away.

Kirstie: This product entertains my child in many ways. There are different animals that can be adjusted to different heights. The animals all make different sounds and have different materials. My son enjoys standing and holding onto the arches with support and shaking it to hear the sounds. When he is being entertained I can have a cup of tea which is a win.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: I love this product and have not seen one that is suitable for such a wide age range. The unisex meadow days theme is beautiful and right on trend at the moment. There is a wide range of toys that come included with the product and the quality of each of them is incredible. The mat is padded and comfortable. The amount of thought that has gone into the design and developmental needs of the end user has really been considered and executed so well.

Nicola: I would choose this product above all the others as I like the design which is light and colourful. All the toys seem interesting for the babies. It is expensive but I feel this is justified as you wouldn't need any other toys in the first six months. Because of the design, as the baby gets bigger it can sit up and still play with the toys. The best part is the way it folds away easily.

Joanne: This is a really good mat even though it is one of the more expensive ones. If you’ve got the money to spend its worth it. It’s a lovely size that has lots of room for your little one to move about on, the toys included are also lovely and colourful with a good variety of textures. The musical owl that you can record on is a good novelty addition.

What changes would you make to this product?

Victoria: The only thing that may put me off buying this product would be the price as it is at the top end of my budget for this sort of toy. However, after using it I see it can be used at all ages because of the adjustable arches and different developmental stages. I think the quality is shown in the higher price and it is worth the amount it is sold for.

Jade: I think the Dynamic Gymini baby playmat is a great product which doesn't need changing. If anything, I'd maybe add a volume control for the owl and maybe more sounds. It has everything needed for babies development including sensory, tummy time and the option to personalise it by recording your voice and being able to add a photo to the mirror.

Kirstie: I would make the arches stronger to enable independent standing. I would also make the recording feature easier to use. It would be nice to have other animals to purchase separately to change things as the baby grows to continue to challenge and stimulate. It would also be nice to have the mat include different materials to explore textures.

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