Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck Review

from Fisher-Price
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

With two full sides of toddler-friendly learning fun, the Laugh and Learn Servin' Up Fun Food Truck serves up hours of role-play and hands-on activities. While your little one is engaged in all that super fun role play with the Laugh and Learn Servin' Up Fun Food Truck, toddlers are also being introduced to sizing and sequencing, advanced vocabulary, manners, taking turns, and more with lively songs, sounds, tunes and phrases!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Amanda: It's definitely a great way to introduce role play. We hadn't really done much role play at home with him until getting this product. It's a shame it doesn't fold away as it is quite big and so is always out. This means you wouldn't be able to transport it. However, it is lightweight so you can move it between rooms. It was really straightforward to put together. It took no time at all and the instructions were easy to follow.

Katharine: I would recommend this product because it really encourages lots of aspects of toddler development such as imaginative play, social interactions with others, memory skills, language and communication, and early learning skills (numbers and colours in particular). It looks good and doesn’t take up as much space as you might think.

Amy: I would recommend this toy as it has lots of different areas to interest children. They can play ‘driving’ the truck; serving food or being the customer; making food and clearing up. This should mean all children can find some part of it that they would enjoy playing with! It was relatively easy to construct and seems like it will last well as it is very solid. There are lots of different songs and sound so nothing gets too irritating!

How did this product make your life easier?

Rob: This is a great learning toy. It has enabled me to play with my child while he is learning without him getting fed up or frustrated. There are so many different things to try and with the different stages, I have yet to hear repeats like with some toys on the market. My wife has found it easier to cook while my son is playing as my son is understanding the different stages of cooking and the size of items. It has also encouraged him to help with simple jobs in the kitchen.

Robyn: This product can keep my toddler amused for a good length of time. It has many built-in activities which allow me extra time to get little jobs done around the house while my child is happily engaged in playing with the different aspects of this toy. It is also useful to me when tidying up. The product is self-contained and all the little parts can be stored on the various shelves or in the built-in fridge/cupboard compartment to prevent any mess.

Katherine: My little boy plays with this for long periods of time. He plays both independently and with others. His older sister enjoys playing with it leaving me to get things done. A quick order of a taco, drink and a cake can keep my son busy and occupied for short periods. The interactive parts and noises are good as they change through stages.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jessica: I think the thing that impressed me the most about this food truck was the number of different activities that it manages to squeeze into a fairly compact toy. This could easily replace having a separate toy kitchen, toy car and a toy shop. Not to mention the extra educational features. I think it has a lot to appeal to different ages, meaning that it would last from 18 months up to about 3-4 with the child getting different enjoyment out of it as they advance.

Lynne: I like this product. It is colourful and fun. The variety of sounds and levels it has are the selling point. This product has been well thought out with the features of the food truck. It is a great alternative or addition to a kitchen playset. It is educational and the clarity of the voices is very good. It is the simple things that make it so great like pressing the tap and it talking about the importance of washing hands. These features help cement the parent's advice and teachings.

Lowri: We have really enjoyed this product. It has some excellent learning components which are perfect for my 26-month-old. He seems very engaged in the multiple play aspects it offers. The engaging music is very appealing to toddlers. They can undertake many different imaginative play activities in one toy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Amanda: It would be brilliant if this product folded. That is the main thing I would change. It would make storage so much easier. The other thing that would be good is if it had an open till and maybe some toy money to go with it as I do feel as though this is missing from the toy. Other than that, it is a great product.

Katharine: I might change the accent of the speech. It is very strong and American. As well as this, it is made with plastic. Plastic products are bad for the environment and normally end up on landfill at the end of the day. A more eco-friendly material such as wood would be preferable.

Amy: There are lots of small bits that just rest on the top. This means things like plates and parts of the foods become separated from it quite easily and often disappear. The voice is American, which isn’t a problem but does mean that the alphabet song ends with ‘zee’ instead of ‘zed’ plus there is a reference to garbage and trash can. This isn’t a big problem, as obviously children are exposed to all languages and cultures from TV and books. However, I found it filtered into the way my daughter sings the alphabet!

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