Halilit Mini Moon Take to Play Gym Review

from Halilit
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Halilit Mini Moon Take to Play Gym
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Halilit Mini Moon Take to Play Gym at a glance:

Taf Toys' Mini Moon Take to Play Gym is a sturdy and portable gym, with foldable legs and a handle for easy storage and travel. This lovely gym features three fascinating, detachable hanging toys; a lovable jingle bell star with colourful ribbons, a mini moon ring rattle with colourful beads and a cheerful cloud rattle with fluffy fabric and a teether. The double-sided fabric panel offers high-contrast imagery for visual stimulation for younger babies, and a richly coloured side to captivate babies' developing vision. The portable nature of the gym ensures it's perfect to take to friends and families houses.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rasha Barrage says: It’s easy to transport it from room to room (or in the car) as it is lightweight and can be folded neatly. The two different designs on the front and back mean that I can quickly turn it around when my baby gets bored of looking at one side. It keeps my baby entertained without me needing to get involved if I need to keep my hands free to do some household chores.

Kelly Baston says: My wee boy loves this product I also have a jungle play mat and it’s in possible to take anywhere so it would be so good for traveling or taking it to friends or family’s house Is also so good for using it doing tummy time my wee boy is also teething at the minute so the teething toy on it is so good.

Polly Begum says: This product makes life as a mum easier because it allows baby to have a familiar play gym whether at home or traveling or visiting others. This play gym is easy to fold away and compact. It takes up minimal space which is ideal for homes with little storage space or when travelling. It is good to be able to take a toy with me that I know baby will enjoy.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Heather Bell says: I would recommend this baby gym because of its folding design. It's quick and easy to fold and unfold and when folded takes up very little room. It also has a useful carrying handle and has a double sided design (black and white high contrast side and coloured side) so baby shouldn't grow out of it too quickly.

Jessica Deakin says: I would definitely recommend the Mini Moon Take to Play Gym to friends and family. The design of how easy it is to store is great. The design of how it has two different development sides really helps this product last through the age ranges. I have taken this with me on days to my parents to keep my little one entertained. It really is a great product.

Amy Turton says: Possibly. There’s so many different kinds of play gyms and baby toys on the market these days. This one is nice and simple compared to some though as there’s no sounds or lights, there’s no vibrations or movements that the toy makes, so if you’re looking for something that is simple with no batteries required then this one is definitely worth considering.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rebecca Vine says: I would choose this product over other. It's so nice. I didn't no what to expect when it came and didn't realise how much I would use it. I even use it at home over my other play mats as my little boy loves it. He has room to still roll about underneath it and grave all the hanging parts. I think it's stands out due to his design and how compact or goes. It's also very light to carry around.

Sydney Weir says: Personally I would not choose this product above all the others on the market. I would choose it because I think it is very basic and I wouldn’t give it a 10/10. If it was cheaper I would feel more comfortable recommending and choosing it however I do think it could be made to look better and have better toys hanging off.

Frances West says: I would choose this product over others as it offers everything a baby play gym / mat does but with the convenience of its foldable design. This means you can take it anywhere. Also if it gets dirty then washing it is much easier than a whole playmat, and the plastic legs can be easily wiped down. It also allows for growth and development more so than a from birth play gym and it can be moved over a majority of other baby play areas be that a bouncer, feeding cushion or playmat.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jessica Williams says: I think that the product is great for young babies, but I would like am element that would keep a slightly older baby's attention, perhaps including something that can produce sounds for example. The gym has two different color schemes, in theory to attract the attention of younger and older babies, but this didn't work for my 4 month old, and he gets bored with this gym after only a few minutes.

Rasha Barrage says: It would be good if the four legs could be extendable so that you can adjust it to the height of your bouncer. This would allow the baby to clearly see the three hanging toys whereas the current height means that my baby cannot see the toys without me placing them into their hands (something not possible until the baby is a few months old). Extendable legs will also allow it to be used with a variety of bouncers and it can be adjusted as your baby grows taller.

Kelly Baston says: The one thing I would change would be to make it easier to fold away mine was a bit stiff and was very hard to fold away it would also be good if they added more holes to hang more toys on it I added a few more things to the holes where the toys was to change it up abit and added some with more sound but it is good you can take them off and change them about.

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