Koo-di Choos Beige Pendant Teether Necklace Review

from Koo-di
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by Sophie Knight |

The Koo-di Choos teething necklace has chunky silicone beads all the way round, giving a stylish solution to soothe your baby’s teething.

Tested by Katie Linstead 28, mum to Heidi, 15 months. She says:

I’ve never found a teething necklace in a style I like - until now! My ideal teething necklace is lightweight and brightly coloured, easy to take on and off, and not too expensive.

This looks stylish and I like the design even though it’s not in colours that I’d usually wear.

It goes with lots of different clothes and colours. This one also came in a gift box.

My daughter really likes this necklace and the beads are a lovely texture, but because they go all the way round the necklace I found it kept catching in my long hair.

When I took it on/off - endlessly as baby wanted to hold it - it pulled my hair so much that I didn’t wear choose to wear it very often.

Tested by Ciara O’Doherty, 36, mum to Caidan, four months. She says:

My son has been teething since he was two months old which is too young for most over-the-counter teething remedies, and he’s not yet able to hold teething objects in his mouth by himself so a necklace seems ideal.

This one is very stylish - grey round beads with a flat, teardrop-shaped bead at the bottom - and it’s definitely one I would wear again.

I felt this one was good value for money and I like that it’s dishwasher safe.

My son didn’t want to chew on the round beads but he really liked the flat teardrop-shaped bead. He chewed on that when really cranky and it really seemed to help him settle.

Tested by Linsey Robertson, 33, mum to daughter Eilidh, seven months. She says:

Despite having no teeth at seven months, Eilidh loves to gnaw on anything and everything! I haven't worn jewellery much since she was born so I am looking forward to having some baby-friendly pieces to wear. I’d love a stylish necklace that’s also good value.

I really liked this necklace as the colours are neutral. It looked stylish and less like teething jewellery than many of the others I tried.

My baby especially liked chewing on the large, flat pendant at the end, which seemed to be a good shape for her mouth.

I would definitely wear this necklace again - I think it looks great, and my most glamorous friend picked it out as her favourite when I showed her the necklaces!

I think this is great value for money and it looks more expensive than it is. The only downside is that it caught in my hair due to the fact that the beads go all the way around the cord.

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