LEGO DUPLO Modular Playhouse Review

LEGO DUPLO Modular Playhouse
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by Mother & Baby |

LEGO DUPLO Modular Playhouse at a glance: 

It's the toddlers turn to play house with this easy-to-build, open, and accessible dollhouse. This colourful and contemporary dollhouse provides toddlers with many opportunities to play and learn about household practices, such as cooking and bedtime routines - bringing the element of responsibility into their lives in a fun and imaginative role-play way. The set comes with mum, dad, and child figures, not forgetting the pet dog and teddy bear characters! All figures in the set have been designed to inspire a comforting emotional attachment in toddlers, making them enjoy learning about everyday life.

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How did this product make your life easier? 

Emma: My little boy loves lego/duplo and can be entertained for hours by building, deconstructing and then re-building again. It's also fun for an adult to get involved as there are different ways to build the house, so it's a chance to get creative. There's lots of potential to add to the house with other pieces over the months/years too.

Emma: This product makes life easier as a mum by entertaining my children and giving me 5 minutes!! I loved that this particular toy actually gripped 4 of them together, ages 2-8. They actually sat and played together to build it, I mean it didn't last long until they were arguing but proved the longevity of the toy that all of them were very interested in it.

Amy: My 2 and 4 year old boys were instantly taken with the Lego playhouse. With a bit of assistance my 4 year old was able to assemble the playhouse on his own. Then both boys played with it independently for about 1 hour. This gave me some valuable time to get on with other things. None of the pieces are a choking hazard so I did not have to constantly watch what they were doing.

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Nicola: Yes, it is a great toy and is a lovely alternative to a traditional dolls house, with more configurations available. Vibrant colours and appealing to play with. Ethnically diverse characters as part of the set. It easily fits back inside the box when it is complete, but would be tricky to raspier in its complete state due to instability as narrow base. Easy to clean as plastic throughout, and small material blankets are washable.

Daisy: I would recommend this product to fellow mums as it has provided my daughter with hours of entertainment, it also has helped encourage her to play more independently which is amazing when experiencing a new baby soon, it has also allows me to get more done around the house as I don’t have to worry about the size of the blocks being a chocking hazard.

Hannah: I would absolutely recommend this product to a fellow mother or a friend with a child. My son loves playing with the characters, the family members and the home scenario. The play set can be set up in different ways, as a 4 floor tower-house or residential house with fully equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Charlene: I definitely would choose this product over other similar products and it is of such high quality. No corners are cut with this product and the detailing is finished to a high standard with parts which are not at all breakable. Such a sturdy yet versatile product, I absolutely love the fact that this creates not one but THREE different house-designs which my 2 year old absolutely loves to explore. It means there is even less chance of her getting “bored” by the product as she loves it when you construct it into one of the different designs - it’s like she’s getting a new toy all over again!

Daisy: I would choose this product over similar ones on the market as the instructions are easy to follow for the design of three different houses, the size of the blocks also don’t pose a worry as they are big enough not to choke on, the fact that my little girl also has no trouble being able to build herself is an added bonus.

Jodea: I would choose this product, mainly because of the excellent quality and the fact it combines two things in one – a dolls house and building blocks. There are endless ways you could build the house to make it different every time and I think it would last for years to come. It also looks really smart and is compact so doesn’t take up too much room once assembled, unlike a traditional dolls house, and you can easily pack it away when you need to.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Emma: It's quite expensive but I think that the customer is paying for the brand which is understandable. However, my little boy is getting plenty of play out of it and I think the house is something he will keep returning to over time. It is also impossible to break which is always good with children's toys that they get attached to.

Emma: I'm hard pressed to find something to add or change with this set! My daughter aged 4 suggests that it would be better if it didn't hurt when you stand on it! i'm sure many a parent could agree!! Maybe a picture of the various designs on a paper card as well as the box sow can get rid of the box?! Honestly can't think of anything to improve it or make my life easier! Duplo that doesn't make such a sound when emptied would be good haha.

Hannah: If I could change anything about the lego modular playhouse I would give more options for things that you could make using the same lego bricks. I would perhaps use some more exciting colours as it is mainly white. The price is quite expensive, but about right for what I would pay for a lego set that has so many different options for playing in the houses.

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