LEGO DUPLO My First Animal Brick Box Review

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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

Little ones will have lots of fun building this LEGO DUPLO animal train out of large building bricks. The colourful set includes  4 buildable animals on wheels: an elephant, crocodile, lion and a giraffe, plus a bird.

How did this product make your life easier?

Helen: This is a charming and appealing Duplo set. As is usual for Duplo it’s well made and the blocks are well designed with attractive artwork. My daughter and I enjoyed putting the train animals together in the correct format and admiring the way they appeared, and also building them without using the pattern and combining them with other sets. If a friend or fellow mum had a child who enjoyed Duplo I’m sure I would recommend it for playing in the ways described above. The storage box is well designed and sturdy and I like the stacking function with other Duplo kits.

Rachael: This product is very interactive and easy for my daughter to get out and play with herself. She is nearly two and although she is too young to make up the animals she enjoys playing with the different characters and learning with both the creatures and numbers. The storage box will take her throwing it around the room and can be easily hidden away keeping all the pieces together.

Kristie: It kept my toddler entertained which is always useful. It’s easy to get out and tidy away and can be used with our other Lego toys. It comes in its own container which is always handy as it means we can keep the parts together. It’s also clear what the box contains so can’t be easily spotted in the playroom.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Elizabeth: I would recommend this product to mums of 1-2-year-olds. The box is a good size for storage, it could be used to hold other items such as craft supplies when not being used to hold Duplo. Duplo is always a hit with young toddlers as easy to put together and bright chunky blocks which are easy to hold.

Jeanne: I would recommend it to other mums because it is a classic toy which will be used for many years, and is perfect for imaginative play. As always, it’s easy to combine the pieces from this set with other Duplo pieces to expand the ways that they can play with it. Certain pieces are unique to this set, such as the giraffe’s bendy neck.

Jane: Absolutely. In fact, I have bought this product for two friends for 1st birthday presents. It is a great price which makes it popular for kids party presents, easy to clean and build and has longevity as evidenced by my 4-year-old and 2 years old both loving playing with it. Educational, fun and easy to transport

Would you choose this product to win?

Jasmin: I would choose this product above all others on the market because although it is more expensive than other similarly priced products on the market, it feels like it is made of quality materials which I know would have been tested to ensure safety with children, and also it is durable in that the bricks and hinges within the product have not broken or come apart like cheaper products I have tried.

Jeanne: Both my 2-year-old and 6 years old were very excited when the product arrived, and they loved the giant green Duplo box that it was contained in. The selection of animal pieces did not disappoint them. They were varied, fun and colourful, as you would expect of any Duplo product. It’s wonderful that this is something they enjoy playing with together, usually with minimal arguments.

Louise: I think this product should win as it really encourages the imagination, I love that they have really thought about the details, such as the crocodile's mouth opening, the bendy giraffe spring neck, and the elephant trunk slide. The different colours of each animal help children learn which brick should go where, and also encourages them to learn their colours. The fact the product can be assembled anyway a child pleases really encourages their creative skills and makes it harder for a child to get bored of it. Also the fact other Duplo sets can be added and played with in conjunction means you can always switch up the fun.

What changes would you make to this product?

Elizabeth: I would maybe put more bricks in the box or pictures of other ways the bricks could be used. Maybe I just lack imagination as an adult but I struggled to find other ways to use the bricks when playing with my daughter other than the usual tower/wall etc. Maybe the animal features could come as stickers as well so you could add eyes/ears to other blocks.

Jasmin: If I could change one thing about this product to improve, it would be to make the storage box a little bit bigger and add fasteners for the lid so that the built train can be stored inside without needing to be taken apart, and also so that the box can be moved without the lid falling off in transit.

Kristie: I would reduce the amount of plastic in it and use more sustainable materials. I know Lego bricks are traditionally made of plastic and that probably won’t change but perhaps the packaging could be made of sustainable materials as it’s a very thick plastic box which is larger than needed for the toys it contains.