Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy Review

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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy at a glance:

These innovative monkey teethers are ergonomically designed to reach right to the source of the teething pain with bumps on the back of the head. Teething trouble is a thing of the past with this range and these are the perfect companion for your little one to provide comfort.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier? 

Melissa: My baby doesn’t become frustrated quickly, I am able to complete tasks while he’s happy with his monkey watching me (something I’ve not been able to do with other products). The easy grip means I’m not having to stop every 10 seconds or so to pick it up and hand it back. I also feel I don’t have to place it in baby's hand as with other products, he sees the monkey and will happily grab and grip it himself. I feel life is so much easier as a mum and wish I knew about the matchstick monkey sooner and with my previous child.

Adele: The matchstick monkey teething toy is a lovely quality smooth textured teething aid that is also fun for your baby to play with. I like how hygienic the teething toy is, it’s very easy to clean and it’s made out of a high grade material, it’s important for a teething toy to be easy and quick to clean.

Claire: This product is readily available to give to a teething baby without it being put in a fridge or freezer like other teething toys. My daughter now recognises this toy and if we are out and about it is a quick fix I can give to her to help with her teething as it is easily transportable. My daughter engages with the toy quickly and can distract from the pain and discomfort she may be in. The design of the toy is good as she can easily get it in her mouth to chew on and soothe herself quite quickly.

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Rebecca: This product makes life easier especially when out and about, it’s easily accessible, easy to clean and helps aid children with teething. It doubles up as a play toy to occupy children when needed and I’ve been very happy with the product myself. Because it’s one piece, there’s no risk of pieces falling off or breaking apart.

Gemma: I would highly recommend this product to friends/fellow mums. It comes in a wide range of colours, is good to have in the changing bag as something to settle the baby when their teeth are giving them pain or of they simply need distracting. Very easy for baby to hold with the two handles and the flexible tail.

Emily: For a teething toy, for me it should be easy to clean, soft and easy to hold by little hands. This teether is a nice toy and good pain reliever. I used to have teething granules before but it mostly ended up being a mess, but with this applicator it is easy to put on the applicator first and then to baby’s mouth.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Amy: I would chose it over others. The ones that are soft mean you then need to get another type as they get older. If you get a general one they are heavy and not nice to chew so just get thrown about. The price is also very good as other teethers I have tried start at a similar price or get more expensive.

Melissa: Absolutely yes! I have used many teething products and never found one as easy for a baby to be able to manoeuvre himself and really get to that source of pain. I believe this is the best teething product on the market and should win for its lightweight, easy hold, great texture, bumps on the back of monkey's head to apply gel or granules. Quite often other teething products lose their shape due to the constant biting from a baby. The matchstick monkey is made from a great sustainable material that’s also baby friendly.

Claire: Previously I would have been cautious of the price without trying the product, however now I have tested it I would choose this product over any other teething toy. The thing that makes it stand out the most is the design, it is so easy for babies to keep hold of. Before this toy my daughter used to get frustrated at not being able to keep hold of something or be able to chew it easily.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Rebecca: The only thing that I would change about this product would be the packaging to make it completely recyclable and less waste. The packaging is simple and easy to view the product but made from a clear plastic. Other than that, this product is 100% my kind of thing and I’m really happy with how my child responds to it.

Gemma: If I could change one thing about this product I would include either a 'case' so that when it is in the changing bag it is protected from 'crumbs' and other undesirable things. The other thing that I have had to do is attach it to a dummy strap so that it is on the baby as he kept dropping it and we were close to losing it on several occasions.

Emily: I only find that if we drop it somewhere it keeps some dust on it very quickly. I found this item most useful for babies who just started teething. Older ones may chew the slim head.

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