SmartMax My First Totem Review

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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

The SmartMax My First Totem has 8 colour building blocks with different sounds, styles and textures. Little ones are encouraged to build unique animal totems with over 24 challenges cards.

How did this product make your life easier?

Margaret: This toy makes my life easier because it holds my little girl's attention, which means I can get things done around the house while she is playing. She loves magnets so this toy is perfect for her. It is bright and colourful and comes with cards for you to copy the different ways the magnets fit together.

Brigitta: Ever since my little boy (2years old) started to play with this toy, he loves it. He recently started to play alone for a longer period of time (meaning longer than 10 mins LOL), and the SmartMax toy definitely helped increase this time, so I can get the washing up or some other things done around the house.

Anna: This is a wonderful product! Not only is it bright and colourful but each piece makes a different noise or has a different texture. It’s a good toy to keep their attention focused for a period of time and the magnetic aspect means that it’s easier for children to do themselves and stops the pieces from getting lost.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Amy: I would recommend the My First Totem to other mums as it really does give a toddler the scope to really use their imagination to build different shapes, the colours are fabulous and really eye-catching. It is so easy to use being magnetic and you can also take it out and about with you as it is easy to pack.

Kristi: This is a lovely toy, would be great for younger children with in its age range. I don't think my 5-year-old really gets much out of it but my 2-year-old enjoys them for short periods of time. Copying the design cards come along with the game. The textures sounds the blocks make are good for little ones. Very good for early teaching of magnets and how they work.

Andrea: I would recommend this product to any mum friends who have a child 1-2 yrs old. It's very much for that age range and for a child learning gross motor skills and problem-solving. Its also has soft parts for babies who are teething. It's easy for a mum to transport the bricks in their mummy bag to keep the little ones busy.

Would you choose this product to win?

Margaret: I would choose this product above others on the market. There are not many toys on the market like this one. Each building block has a different sound, style and texture. It comes with cards to challenge your little one. This toy can grow with your child. My 20-month-old loves fixing the magnets together. My 3-year-old nephew enjoys using the cards to create different structures.

Amy: I think this product stands out as it is so different I haven't seen anything like this... I love the idea of it being magnetic as my little one can do this independently, I also like that it comes with different building ideas on the cards as my little one is so pleased with himself once he has done one. It has helped him learn his colours too.

Anna: I think the factors that make this product stand out are the fact that the pieces are large and chunky and easy for small hands to handle. Each piece is a different colour and has a different texture and sound and all the pieces are very bright and colourful so will catch the eye of a child and hold their attention.

What changes would you make to this product? 

Margaret: I do not think I would change anything about this product. My little girl has always enjoyed playing with magnets, so this toy is perfect for her. Maybe if it came with a wee bag for keeping all the pieces together as we quite often take it out with us.

Bethan: I don't think I would change anything about this product, it's a lovely little addition to my daughter's toy collection. Hopefully, SmartMax will extend their 'My First...' range so that other toys can be used with it. The parts are really chunky and completely safe for toddlers and babies and the price point is what I would expect to pay for a toy like this.