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Sophie la Girafe at a glance:

Sophie la Girafe is an unassuming legend; cute, durable and versatile – babies love her. She is easy to clean and is made from 100% natural rubber and food grade paints. Her soft, safe-to-chew limbs aim to soothe sore gums but Sophie is not only an effective teething toy; she squeaks (although water in the squeaker will stop it from working) and makes a great travel buddy.

Little ones enjoy taking her out and about, showing her the sites – in fact, a nifty Sophie-accessory would be an attachment that clips 'la girafe' onto a buggy, preventing her from being lost or dropped. Sophie might seem over-priced for what is essentially a ‘squeaky toy’ but she inspires loyalty, comfort and joy in equal measures, making her good value for money.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rose: It will keep baby temporarily entertained while I quickly do something like get a drink, check on cooking, nipping to the toilet etc. It also gives baby something to chew while you are putting tea out and they are hungry to keep them calm. My older children find it fun to play with too.

Kimberley: It gives mums a one stop shop for a teething baby. Sophie is big enough for babies to grab easy and small enough to fit in any mum's handbag as an emergency teether on the go. It is a really effective teether and as it has lots if different ares for baby to chew on, so babies do not get bored of it quickly!

Marzia: I have two children and both of them had a Sophie the giraffe as a number one teething toy. I found Sophie to be very easy to hold for a small baby; big enough to be able to co-ordinate the movement into the mouth; small in different areas for the baby to be able to bite it; simply amazing for teething.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Monica: Its size is just right for a teething baby or toddler. The giraffe can be used for all the teeth at different stages. For example my baby initially preferred the feet of the giraffe, but as he grew bigger he showed a preference in chewing the giraffe's head and body. This doesn't need to be refrigerated so that's one less job to be done. It's relatively easy to clean after use.

Anna: I would recommend the product for any mum that wants a good all in one teether. It also makes as a lovely gift for a baby shower/birth of a baby. My baby does genuinely enjoy having a good chew on her and its easy for him to get into his mouth. It has the right amount of firmness without being too hard that you see in some of the plastic teething aids.

Hollie: I would recommend this product as a fail safe teether that is cute as well as practical. I do think there should be instructions included on how to clean Sophie. The design of Sophie means my son could easily pick her up when he was 4 months old.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kimberley: I think this is a strong contender for the best teether. It is easy to hold and has kept my little one quiet when he is clearly teething. The fact it has different areas to chew on makes it stand out from some of the others that have more of the same rather than different areas and textures to chew on.

Marzia: I strongly believe that this product should win as it is the best easiest teething toy a baby/child should have. Great for teething from a young age, to being a favourite toy when older thanks to the funny squeaky noises it makes. Easy to carry with you everywhere you go, Sophie is part of your baby's life.

Monica: I liked the fact that it looks very cute and appealing and that it's just the right size for my teething baby's hands and mouth. Even after a lot of rough use it still remains durable and the quality of it is unaffected. As a mom I found this to be a teething product which works. Its price is a bit more than the other teething products on the market. If the price can be reduced without affecting the quality of the product it would be given an all round 10/10.

What changes would you make to this product?

Anna: There are two main points I would change about Sophie. Firstly, the squeaker. It stops working incredibly easily when there is any water/liquid in the giraffe. And second is the durability of the rubber - we had one before the test one and after a while it deteriorated and started cracking so we had to throw it away. Granted it did have quite a bit of use as it was used in the high chair so would need frequent washing. Also this rubber material picks up fluff and dust very easily if dropped.

Hollie: There's nothing I would change about Sophie. The only think I'd suggest is cleaning advice to be given. I use a toy safe antibacterial spray to clean Sophie but this may not be the best approach.

Alexandra: I would change how easy it is to clean and I would include some way to attach it to the pram. I would also change the price to nearer ten pounds. Although there are many positives and I think it was one of a kind when it originally came onto the market, there is other competition now.

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