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by Stephanie Anthony |

Sweet Dreamers Ewan Deluxe at a glance:

Expertly designed for newborns, ewan Deluxe is here to help by working his magic at sleep times! This uber cute cuddly toy mimics the comfort of the womb with soft pink glow and selection of soothing heartbeat sounds, including the rhythmic shush of a real human voice, proven to help lull babies into a peaceful sleep. ewan Deluxe features a smartCRY sensor, which is cleverly designed to automatically activate when baby stirs, helping to resettle them. Better still, the Deluxe also has a removable control pod so ewan can be washed, keeping him clean and healthy! Features eco-friendly packaging.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Gabriella: We introduced Ewan the Dream Sheep during a sleep regression and being very tired parents from the constant stirring. We have only been using it for a short time but already it has picked up our son's whimper and cry and senses he needs comfort by turning on with the sounds and glowing red light, which is a very shallow glow and doesn't light up the whole room to over stimulate him.

Sophie: The Ewan Deluxe has really impressed me with its additional shushing sound that has been added to the sheep. This is a noise that myself and my partner constantly use to help our daughter get to sleep during her naps and on a night and since having Ewan it has saved our voices but does the job for us!

Sandy: The heartbeat sound is calming and my baby boy likes listening to this. I wouldn’t say it makes life easier as it doesn’t really calm him when he is upset. It might help when he is a little older but as he is a newborn he will cry for specific reasons, so will only settle once his needs have been met. It is still great to use alongside feeding to settle. I look forward to continuing to use Ewan as my baby grows.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Luke: The deluxe version is especially good as it is machine washable, meaning I can take the electric bits out and makes sure Ewan is dust free. This is really good as baby is sensitive to dust, and the older version does not have this. The choice of sounds is also a really good feature as I can use a certain sound at night and a different one in the day to help baby differentiate between the 2.

Gemma: I would recommend this product to another mum, as it has some really great features, like the light and options for sounds. It's also good that it's washable, meaning it will stay hygienic for being used as a Cuddly toy for an older child. The velcro hook is handy too and means you can secure it when out in the car or pram.

Jennie: I would recommend this product to friends and other mums as it has really made my life easier. The new shushing feature is a brilliant idea, within minutes my little one was lulled to sleep by this sound. Also compared to the older version the fact you can completely remove the sound box for washing is a brilliant feature.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Gabriella: Just before Ewan the Dream Sheep arrived I spoke to the most loveliest lady in customer services who had a whole load of information on using the sleep product but also very specifically helped me on to introduce Ewan the Dream sheep during my baby's sleep regression. It really is the customer service from companies that make them stand out and makes people want to support them and buy again. And from her advice on when to introduce it and how she thinks it will work for us in a sleep regression it has worked brilliantly settling my son back down.

Sophie: This product is definitely a winner! The shushing sound that has been added is a great addition and really makes this stand out for us. I also think that the design and soft lighting which allows this product to be placed in the crib/cot makes this stand out, other than some white noise machines which have to be placed on a shelf. Although the unit inside Ewan is easy to remove, unfortunately I have sometimes found it impractical to turn on due to having to press underneath the sheep, especially when you are trying to do this discreetely with a sleeping baby that has been put down.

Sandy: Despite the price, this product is original in that it is a soft toy as well as a sound/music player. It is very attractive to young children/older babies as they will like to snuggle up with it. It has a good design and it can be clipped onto the side of a pram or cot, using its velcro tail. I think it should win due to its original cuddly design and that it listens out for baby being unsettled, so that it can automatically restart playing soothing sounds (when activated).

What changes would you make to this product?

Luke: I would like to see on/off switch for cry mode and the whole thing instead of a button with holding and beeping, although I now used to it it took quite a while to master when our baby was first born and at times it was really annoying when Ewan set off when he shouldn't have or even worse when Ewan didn't activate when baby cried because I got the beeps the wrong way round.

Jennie: If I could change anything it would be how the sound box works. The selecting process to find each sound. I found the selecting process a little annoying. You have to press and hold to change the sounds but sometimes it doesn't work that way. I found it a bit of a mess around trying to find each sound. Although once I found the sound my little one liked it was a case of pressing it on and off.

Sarah: I would probably make it smaller if possible to make it more portable. If it was smaller and easier to transport, I could take it on holiday with me and use it in the baby's travel cot. but it is too large to transport so i always take a smaller device with me or use my phone which is a shame because it doubles up as a toy sometimes!

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