Tiny Love Wonder Buddies Review

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Tiny Love Wonder Buddies
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Tiny Love Wonder Buddies at a glance: 

Discover the Wonder Buddies, a collection of three adorable, interactive toys. Designed with smart sensors, your little one will love to play with Thomas the Rabbit, Coco the Mouse or Leonardo the Lion. Hide the Wonder Buddies in a drawer or under a blanket and play peek-a-boo, tickle their tummy and feed them their favourite snack. Each Wonder Buddy features 7 engaging activities to perfectly match your child's logic and motor skills, plus develop their communication and emotional response. The perfect developmental toy for children aged 1+ for independent play and parent/child bonding.

How did this product make your life easier? 

Tanya: My kids love Coco. They find it fun to feed him/her, play with him/her imaginatively and to play hide and seek with him/her. They also like putting him/her to sleep. My one-year-old loved him/her even before I put the batteries in, seizing Coco immediately and refusing to put him/her down. As you can see, Coco is entertaining for kids - and in my view, s/he is extremely cute.

Maryam: This is compact and light so can easily fit in my bag. I recently took it on holiday and my daughter spent hours playing with it and repeatedly hid it and found it. It provided a lot of giggles of enjoyment for her! I also found that she could play with it independently for some time which was very helpful!

Jessica: This product is very engaging and on the whole I think it works well for children between around 1.5-3 years old. I was worried that all the different features would be too complicated for my 17 month old but actually he picked them up very quickly and it kept him engaged for a reasonable amount of time giving me a chance to catch up on things.

Would you recommend this to other parents? 

Shari: I would definitely recommend Wonder Buddies by Tiny Love to other mothers. My daughter is engaged with the toy and has learned the cause and effect features it includes. It's the perfect size for little hands to play with and explore. The features are easily activated by little fingers and challenging enough that it isn't too easy that they get bored right away. It's a small toy that easily fits in a handbag for quick entertainment. And it's much cuter than my generation's Furby was!

Fernanda: It's good for a parent to show what the toy can do and watch the kid to play by themselves, its a cute character, pretty and well made. Its small so you can take with you for the car journey. I would recommend this product but there is some issues which i would change not big changes. The toy switches off by itself when not in use for long.

Tanya: Initially I would have recommended a Wonder Buddies toy to a fellow mum passionately. However, whilst my kids loved it lots in the first week that we had it, the novelty does seem to have worn off and Coco is less in demand than I had envisaged him/her to be a short while later. Now, Coco is occasionally brought out to play – mostly for the purpose of playing hide and seek, but I’d say it’s a bit pricey for a toy which is used irregularly. That said, Coco is secretly one of my favourite toys.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market? 

Maryam: The size and weight of this product makes it pretty unique. I have also never seen another product that is so ‘intelligent’ and able to know when it is hidden underneath an object -i found this feature very impressive. It is also able to sense when my daughter lays it down and starts to sleep which is ingenious!

Jessica: I don't think this product is for everyone. I think it's a little gimmicky and can be quite annoying at times. I'm not sure how much longevity it will have and it certainly doesn't fit into the open ended play or montessori learning ethos. Having said that my son has definitely enjoyed playing with it and I can see that engages children and on the whole is a good product.

Rebecca: I don’t really have any other toys that are at all similar so I don’t have a great deal to compare. I haven’t bought many interactive toys that are also meant to be educational. She did enjoy having something that has multiple actions and did different things. She got bored of it after not too long and I wonder if when she is a little older it might entertain her for longer

What changes would you make to this product? 

Jessica: The current design has a piece of food that you place near the toys mouth to trigger a response of eating sounds. In this case the food is a triangle of cheese with 3 corners. Only one of these corners has the sensor in it to trigger the response from the toy. My son very quickly learnt that he needed to feed it to the toy but due to the shape of it and the placement of the sensor it would only trigger a response 1 in every 3 attempts. I would make this less subtle in future models.

Stacey: It would be nice if the mouse had more sayings or was able to talk more about the activities it was designed to encourage, such as asking the child to give them a blanket to sleep, or wipe the nose and wash hands after sneezing. Another idea might be to talk about animals or colours they can see as they are walking. We did enjoy this toy.

Emma: If I had to change one thing, it would perhaps be to make softer, i.e. reduce use of plastic and introduce some other textures. But this is a very minor point and actually for durability and the technology involved, I suspect the material used is the most appropriate.

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