Totter + Tumble playmat Review

from Totter + Tumble
RRP £125
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by Maria Martin |

The Totter + Tumble playmat is a luxury baby and toddler accessory, a necessity if you will. Made of soft 1.3cm thick memory foam, it doubles up as a modern rug and can be wiped clean.

Product specification:

  • Reversible design

  • Made with 1.3cm thick memory foam

  • Comes in Standard (210cm x 140cm) and Compact (185cm x 125cm) size

How did this product make your life easier?

Is it possible to be in love with a playmat? Sad, I know, but two babies in and I’m grateful to have a playmat that doesn’t have a million pieces to it. Roll out and we’re good to go.

Let’s start with one feature I love, the fact that I can put my 3-month-old daughter down safely, she’s comfortable and supported every time. I can also change her nappy without reaching for a change mat. This playmat has made my life easier by 100 per cent with just those two functions.

It’s a very comfortable mat that my toddler enjoys playing/rolling/jumping/driving/painting on, it’s saved him from the odd head conk too. The T+T playmat also doubles up as an exercise mat for me. If I ever wanted to become a YouTuber this would be front row in all my videos and make me look uber cool.

The T+T mat is by far one of the best additions to our family life. Its multi-functional layers have made me and my children happier. It’s got us off the sofa and playing altogether on the floor. It even keeps my bottom or knees cushioned, so I’m reassured it’s keeping my little ones safe.

Did I also mention it just looks like an ordinary rug? It comes with a reversible design, I opted for The Dreamer/The Nomad combo. On days I’m feeling sophisticated The Nomad is up and on sassier days The Dreamer is live. You see this mat isn’t just for the kids, it sparks joy in adults too. Honestly, I don’t mind having toys about the place, I love seeing my kids be kids, but when they’re sleeping at night and the living room is mine again for a couple of hours, it’s nice to have some serenity without being cocooned in baby stuff.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

The soft memory foam is well made, sturdy and I can place my 3-month-old can down safely without fear her head will get knocked.

The mat keeps its shape and even if you place furniture over it, the memory foam bounces back. Granted, it takes a good few days for the mat to pop back into shape from the odd coffee table leg dent, but it does go back to normal.

I will bang on about this all day, you can wipe it clean! Puke, poo, snacks, nothing fazes it. Totter + Tumble’s playmat has a smooth surface so no need to dig the morning’s Weetabix out.

Totter + Tumble also offer a swatch service if you’re unsure of what style you'd like or if you just want to see the quality.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

My toddler is 2 years old and I can say I haven’t seen a one-piece playmat like this anywhere in the UK in the last couple of years of searching. Tiled playmats were never my thing so to have a one-piece, saves me one less thing to clean up and shove to the side. I also love that it’s a one-piece playmat because it means my newborn won’t be gnawing at this as my toddler has done with previous playmats.

The quality of the Totter + Tumble mat stands out, big time. It’s 1.3cm thick and supports both my kiddies needs. The playmat feels robust and you can tell it’s one that will last for years. It doesn’t lose its shape and ticks all the boxes.

I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. For my family, we don’t have space for a nursery room and I like the ease of having a playmat that fits in with the décor of our living room. I’ve had the numbered tiled playmats and while they’re fun and colourful, they’re nowhere near as stylish and supportive as Totter + Tumbles. Plus, you can end up spending £50-£70 for one of those tiled mats. I’d recommend the T+T one every single time.

What changes would you make to this product?

That the memory foam would spring back quicker after having furniture on it. Scrap that, nothing. I'd change nothing.

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