VTech First Steps Baby Walker Review

from VTech
VTech First Steps Baby Walker
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

VTech's baby walker is great to help with their first steps, physical development, balance, and learning to walk. This bright and colourful walker will keep your little ones entertained with the range of activities to play with, as well as being easy to store away when you're not using it.

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Scroll down to read reviews from real mums who tested the VTech baby walker for the M&B Awards 2020.

How did this product make your life easier?

Nikita: This toy has been great in keeping my little ones entertained. Being able to remove the activity board from the actual walker is great because it means both my under twos can play with one each. The sounds, colours, and activities are great for keeping the kids busy while I'm doing something else, there is also enough on it for them to share and play together.

Paige: This product is fab for a range of ages. The activity panel is removable which meant I could lie it on the floor to let my 7-month-old play with it while my 3-year-old enjoyed zooming around pushing the walker. I love that it can entertain both my children which frees up my hands so I am able to complete a few tasks around the house. Plus it is easily wiped clean when sticky fingers inevitably get all over it.

Eleanor: This product is fantastic for when your baby is finding their feet. My 9-month-old has just started to want to stand up all the time. This has been perfect to let her practice standing and taking a few steps. There is also a great selection of toys on the panel on the front. This has kept my baby entertained for ages. The walker is sturdy and colourful my 9-month-old really enjoys playing with it.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Laura: I would recommend the walker. It has lots of interactive features and my baby doesn't get bored of it. I like that the activity station can be removed from the walker and I love that it can be folded together which makes transporting it really easy. It has been built well and it is easy to keep clean.

Katie: The Vtech first steps baby walker really grabs the attention of my 9-month-old. My little boy loves playing with all the different buttons and activities on the front panel and it keeps him entertained and engaged for a good amount of time! The fact that the front panel detaches is a great feature as it means younger children can play with it before they are mobile without the risk of the walker being pushed away. My little boy has only recently become mobile so he has used it like this quite a lot but also really enjoys using it to take some aided steps, although he needs very close supervision using it like this.

Karen: I would recommend this to any mum friends for the interactive side of it, the walker was very easy to assemble with clear instructions it also came with batteries so this is a massive plus if you're like us and never keep batteries in the house! the front is easy to take off but also well hidden so it should be awhile before the little ones figure how to do it for themselves.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sarah: Yes I would choose the first steps baby walker above others on the market because I had a similar one for my firstborn and he loved it and it was really helpful to help him learn to walk. The ease of assembly and compact storage is another factor why I would choose the item. I also like that the front can be taken off to play with separately.

Lindsay: This is a great product. It is a nice bright and colourful product. It plays lots of different sounds and songs which in particular my 2-year-old loves to sing along with. My 7 month old also loves pulling and twisting the different shapes and has fun exploring what everything does. It will be great when my youngest can use the baby walker for getting around too. This is a great baby toy, the value for money is excellent as it takes quite a while for a child to grow out of this. It is entertaining in so many ways and will be a much-loved toy.

Laura: I think I would choose this walker above all others on the market. I really like the design of the walker, it is bright and colourful and the activity station is a handy additional feature that my baby loves. This has become one of his favourite toys and he regularly plays with it. He loves walking around the house with it, with my support, and I am looking forward to when he can use it without me supporting him.

What changes would you make to this product?

Najah: If I could change something it would be the phone that comes with it. It would be nice to have it attached on the cord as it probably stayed on the panel probably when it arrived after which it has never remained on the panel and is always lying around somewhere else. I would also encourage to change the design of the door as it comes off its hinges very easily and keeps popping out with a small tug from the toddler.

Lindsay: There is not much that could be done to improve this toy in my opinion. All I can think of is that the door on the front of the walker comes off easily so not sure how long that will last. My 7-month-old pulled it off pretty quickly so it could get lost or broken. This would be a shame as this is a great part of the toy, it makes a noise when it opens and shuts and kids love seeing who is behind the door.

Nikita: If I could change one thing it would perhaps be a different way of connecting the door to that goes on the activity board. Both my kids were able to take it off very easily, which meant numerous meltdowns as they could not get it back on. You could also maybe make the handle adjustable meaning it could last longer for the child.

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