Winnie the Pooh Puzzle Train Review

from Orange Tree Toys
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

This is the perfect Winnie the Pooh wooden toy for any little fan! Kids will adore playing with this wooden toy train. The wooden train features Eeyore giving Owl a ride, Pooh & Piglet resting on their log and Tigger. The characters and carriages can be taken apart and re-built, and a handy string ensures little one can pull their train around!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Keeley: I would recommend this product as it keeps my daughter entertained for ages. She will play with it at least once a day, pulling it apart and putting it back together in a different way. As it comes apart, it doesn't take up much room in a bag and can be built and pulled along, enabling other family members to get involved in playing. As the wooden blocks have a smooth finish, you can clean them easily with a baby wipe.

Rebecca: I would definitely recommend this product. In fact, I have already recommended it to a number of parents at playgroup and nursery as we’ve been taking it with us in our nappy bag. It is a beautiful design with the interlocking parts. The durability is fantastic for heavy-handed children or even to be handled my numerous children through the toys lifetime.

Camilla: I would definitely recommend this pull-along toy to other parents as it's easy to play with and has entertained a wide range of ages from my boy of one to a relatives son of nine. It's pretty to look at and it's durable. Even after being thrown around by a one-year-old, it still looks brand new. It's also really easy to pull along so that's a bonus.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kelly-anne: This product doesn't exactly make my life as a mum any easier but it does give me a chance to do more activities with my eldest who is 16-months-old. This product has helped my daughter with her co-ordination and development. She loves the colours and tries to count the pieces as she puts them on their blocks.

Victoria: My children have been sat playing with this on their own or together. It seems to be great fun to pull it apart and then try to put it back together before dragging it around the room again and repeating. They are large pieces so I'm not worried about them being a choking hazard or small pieces getting lost during playtime.

Vicki: The Winnie the Pooh Puzzle Train provides a beautiful way to interact with your child. It was great to show the toy to my children and it kept their attention. I could talk about the different animals, the colours and show them how it fits together. I would then watch them copy and take the toy off for a walk. It really encourages quality playtime at home.

Would you choose this product to win?

Katrina: In terms of wooden toys, definitely yes! It really is a beautiful looking toy and my daughter has definitely enjoyed playing with it as she uses it most days. I think it stands out over most other toys because of the high quality. Even the packaging was beautiful, therefore, this toy would be my winner.

Kirsty: I would definitely choose this toy over all others. It is a good tough toy, well made, very nice to look at and easy to play with. It could be used as a keepsake instead of a toy for a baby’s nursery. It is easy to clean as you just give it a wipe down with antibacterial wipes and it will last for many years.

Victoria: I think this product should win because it's easy to use, it stands out and lots of people love Winnie the Pooh in the hundred acre wood as it's been going for centuries. The toy stands out because it's colourful, bright and easily used by babies, toddlers and children of all ages. It could be a keepsake as well as a toy. It would be fantastic for a child's nursery and would make a perfect present. It would not break easily if children are heavy-handed. It keeps my children entertained for hours.

What changes would you make to this product?

Keeley: I think it would look more appealing to the older children if the detail of the characters was more realistic. Other than that, I wouldn't change anything. It's a well-made product and it is well sealed so wouldn't damage easily.

Rebecca: My son was unable to pull the train for more than a few seconds before he was dragging it in the air as the string was just too short. The string was also not the best quality as it had frayed at the end before the first day was even over. Lucky I was able to tie a knot to prevent it unravelling further and this didn’t impact play at all. I would like to lengthen and improve the quality of the string but I am unsure if it would be possible due to health and safety regulations.

Camilla: I wouldn't change a thing about the toy as it is much loved in my house. It's been thrown, rolled, sat on and chewed and it still looks and feels brand new so has obviously been well made. It is currently my son's favourite toy. We love the individual characters and the toy as a whole.

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