Babies “R” Us Folding Bath Sling Review

from Babies R Us
RRP £9.99
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by Mother & Baby |

The Folding Bath Sling by Babies "R" Us is lightweight, easy to store and travels compactly. The design is bright and attractive but it is quite basic: once the surface of the support is wet, baby tends to slip down and the elastic hooks are susceptible to snapping.

The product's age range is 0-9 months but older babies definitely seem too large for the bath sling; perhaps 0-6 months is a more appropriate specification? Not only that but the support is quite elevated, meaning that the bath would have to be quite deep for baby to actually enjoy the water.

The sling also has a tendency to slip around the bath tub, grippers on the legs would be an improvement! It is, however, one of the better priced bath supports on the market, so if you’re looking for something short-term that won’t break the bank, the Folding Bath Sling might be a good option.

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