Groswaddledry Review

from The Gro Company
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

A swaddle shaped towel that is perfect for newborns and has been designed to recreate the soothing effects of swaddling after bathtime. Made from soft hypoallergenic pure dry microfibre for quick and easy drying there will be no time for little ones to get cold. Recommended from birth to 6 months.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sarah: Although I like the Groswaddledry, I’m not sure I would be able to wholeheartedly recommend it as the timeframe for usability is so short. When you are a new mum you tend to buy all the different products and you can end up with a house full of products that your baby doesn’t use or has grown out of]. Sadly, I think Groswaddledry is one of those. Personally, if I had to buy a towel for my baby I would just buy a much bigger one that they could use up until 5-6 years old.

Hannah: Yes, I would recommend this product. It is a particularity useful product for newborns up to three months rather than the six months stated. The unique shape to swaddle the baby is fantastic. The item is of high quality, made of lovely soft thick fabric and it would make a lovely gift for a newborn too.

Winnie: This towel is made of soft hypoallergenic microfibre which makes it dry easily and quickly. I love snuggling my baby girl in it after a bath as she is soothed by the swaddling effects which help her settle for bedtime. It is extremely soft and the super soft hood keeps her little head nice and warm after a bath. I love it so much I have gone on to buy Grotowel for my two-year-old boy.

How did this product make your life easier?

Esther: For the first few months, bathtime wasn’t a fun time in our house. My son would scream through the whole thing but gradually calmed down to the point that it was just getting out that would make him cry his eyes out. We’d tried everything that had been suggested to us with no joy, but when the Groswaddledry arrived it was like someone had flicked a switch! He still struggles with baths but as long as we’re speedy enough when wrapping him up then he is much better.

Ellen: I like to wrap my son up in a towel and cuddle him after a bath. I have used a number of similar products but found the Groswaddledry to be really absorbent and prevented my clothes from getting wet. I took the Groswaddledry to dry my son after swimming and not only did it keep him nice and warm but he was dry by the time I unwrapped him so it was great I didn't have to dry a wriggly baby. I can wash the Groswaddledry at 40 degrees and put it my tumble dryer with the rest of my washing, which saved time.

Laila: The Groswaddledry is absolutely amazing. It dried my daughter instantly when I wrapped her in it and it’s so soft and comfortable for her. The way it’s designed makes it so easy to swaddle to my daughter in and keep her warm until I put her pyjamas on. The hood keeps her head warm and dried her hair fast which is a godsend as she has a lot of hair.

Would you choose this product to win?

Ellie: Yes I would choose this product to win for its design. It is quick and easy to wrap my baby in for a smooth transition from bath to towel. I think this product should be a very high contender to win as the design stands out and it is very easy to use.

Sarah: I love the way this towel is extremely absorbent and quick drying. The design is beautiful and very appealing. The little pocket inside is a good idea and makes this stand out from its competitors. I actually think the price point is very reasonable when you consider the quality of the product and that makes it very affordable and a lovely gift.

Nathalie: Groswaddlery towel has the cutest design. The fabric is very soft and cosy and my baby seems to enjoy playing with it. However, other products on the market seem to be better valued and are of a more suitable size for my baby. It is a good idea though as newborns love to be swaddled.

What changes would you make to this product?

Winnie: I love the fabric and design. However, maybe a detachable loop on one end of the towel to attach onto the neck so that hands can be free to take a wriggly newborn out of the bath can come in handy. Otherwise, I love the towel and look forward to more new characters coming out soon!

Esther: The only thing I would change about this product would be to make it slightly larger. My son is particularly tall for his age and by four months was getting too long to use the towel in the most effective way. Perhaps two sizes of this particular style, say 0-3 months and 3-6 months, would mean babies who are longer than the average can still be swaddled after a bath.

Ellen: The only improvement I could suggest for the Groswaddledry, is to make the bottom flap of the towel longer. My son, like many babies, tends to wriggle a lot when being laid down on his changing mat. When being wrapped in a towel, he tends to throw is arms around, knocking the towel off himself. I found the bottom flap handy to keep him covered after he had thrown the sides of the towel off, but had it been longer, it would cover more of him.

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