Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam Review

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Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam
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Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam at a glance:

Oilatum Daily Junior Bath Foam has been specially developed with dermatologists for use on babies and children with dry skin, and is also suitable for those prone to eczema. The gentle formulation offers everyday protection for healthy skin and helps to reduce the occurrence of dry skin. The product contains ultra-gentle, effective cleansers for dry skin and respects the natural moisture barrier in young skin. Add a small amount of junior bath foam to running water and swirl by hand.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Samantha Moore says: I feel that it is a very standard product and not much different to others. My 6 month old has mild eczema and the product didn't make the condition better or worse. I still need to moisturise her after every bath, even with this product. I do try to buy products as natural as possible, but this product still had a lot of ingredients in it.

Lesley Murray says: I would not say that this product has revolutionised anything that I currently do. I do find it useful that it can be used with one hand and I like how baby friendly the product is in term of kind to skin and eyes. It creates a nice foam and I think I will use it occasionally for a bubble bath but once the product is used up it is unlikely that I would buy it again. If they displayed social media icons on the bottle (if they have social media), from a mum with a child with difficult skin, it would be useful to have support and educational resources available through these platforms. This would then potentially make a mum’s life easier. I think it is a unique selling point that Oilatum has.

Jamila Osman says: This product is nice and soft when added to the bath water, it gives the kids a slight moisture and well and obviously lots of bubbles which my kids love. It’s very durable as just a few squirts will get you a generous amount of bubbles, it’s lasted me for 4 months and that’s with using it for 2 kids as well

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Swati Panesar says: I love the fact that it mineral oil to nourish and protect by newborn's skin. I notice a real difference when I use Oilatum verses other big brands. Oilatum doesn't try my newborn's skin. The bottle is leak proof as well and easy to pour into the bath. It is effective for my toddler as well which is great.

Toni Perrett says: It seems to be a good bath product for babies and children. I used it on my baby and it was a good cleanser and easy to wash off, and gentle. However my toddler has nasty eczema and this product seemed to cause a flare up and his skin became dry and inflamed. So while I would recommend this as a general bath wash if your child has a skin condition it can have an adverse effect.

Lauren Phillips says: Yes as I trust the Oilatum brand. I also liked the fact that it wasn't overly fragranced as this meant it wasn't too stimulating for bathtime and so it was a playful, enjoyable but relaxing experience. I have previously only used the Aveeno range of products but I did like this one and would therefore try other Oilatum products.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Laura Spires says: Yes, we've used supermarket washes for sensitive skin, which are usually pretty bland (although equally nice on my kids skin). This is the only product my son loved so much he now asks for a bath, because there were lots of bubbles! It was kind to his eczema and gentle on my baby's skin too.

Bethany Williams says: This product should win if your little one suffers from dry skin or has sensitive skin. It is product that does not dry their skin out compared to other products out there. The one thing that stood out to me when using it was how effective it worked on my little ones skin. The only thing that I would possibly change about this product would be the smell to it, it doesn’t have a smell to it compared to other bubble baths/ foams you can buy. The packaging does not really stand out compared to other brands on the market. The packaging is mainly white and blue however, some of the other named products out there are in bold bright eye catching colours. It is a brand that I have never come across before but I will certainly be looking out for it now.

Samantha Moore says: This product does not stand out and i really dont think it should win sorry. When i am running a bath for my little one, i don't want to be having to think of the risk factor of the product i'm using and the amount that i'm using. I'm normally cooking dinner whilst the bath is running and i just tip the bubbles in without much care. I really don't want a product were i have to be conscious that it might be slippy getting in and out of the bath.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lesley Murray says: The design and therefore incorporation of social media use. If it is being marketed as a medicinal/therapeutic product then, as stated, having links to resources for mums with babies with troublesome skin would be so useful. It would also allow mums to see what other products are available and would potentially complement the bath foam. It may be that Oilatum does have this but I can't tell that from owning this product.

Jamila Osman says: Well even though the bubbles do seem to last longer than cheaper ones I would love it if the bubbles could last even longer, my toddler loves the play with the bubbles ones she’s in and after about 5 mins in the bath the bubbles are almost all flat. I wouldn’t change anything else about this product but bubbles which last longer could be an added bonus.

Swati Panesar says: It makes the bath slippery. That is the only downside to the product. It does take time to clean the bath after using it so that the floor isn't slippery. But at the same time, it is this moistursing aspect that protects the skin barrier. So it's a catch 22 situation! I would still use it even if it means cleaning the bath more often!

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