Cuddledry Handsfree Baby Bath Towel Review

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Cuddledry Handsfree Baby Bath Towel
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by Catriona Watson |

Cuddledry Handsfree Baby Bath Towel at a glance:

The handsfree baby bath towel gives parents peace of mind, eliminates stress and provides an opportunity for dads and mums alike to bond at bathtime. It clips around the parent's neck like an apron, giving two hands free to safely lift baby from the water and into your arms for a cosy cuddle. No more struggle to hold both towel and slippery baby! Made from bamboo & cotton, it's superabsorbent, warm and eco-friendly. Suitable from birth, the Cuddledry is double-layered with large hood to keep baby snug. Ethically sourced and Oekotex certified, it offers safety and confidence to new parents.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Kelly Johnson says: There is not another product like this on the market so it truley is a unique product that has been designed to make bath times easier. They have thought about the design of the product and potential issues you face when trying to bath your newborn and have solved multiple problems with one product.

Ella Regular says: This product definitely helps parents who need to bathe their young baby alone. It is so helpful to have the towel ready on your body to lift baby onto. Previously I have had to lay a towel on the floor to quickly lay baby onto but it is much better to be able to lift them straight onto you to dry and cuddle.

Sarah Rich says: The cuddle dry baby towel makes life as a parent so much easier with their clever invention of a 'hands free' towel. The best thing about it is i can bath my baby without any assistance from my partner and bath time is now stress free and dry. Its a great idea as i no longer get soaked during bath time, the little one enjoys the bath and is snug and warm within seconds.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Keya Shah says: Yes 100% yes! The towel itself is so soft so ideal for both baby and myself. Its easy to grab on the way to the bath and one handed put around your neck. The video demonstrates the use beautifully and is easy to follow and the product is exactly what it says. It's washable transportable (although takes more space than our regular hooded towel.) A lot of thought has gone into the design of this simple product.

Rachel Smith says: The design is brilliant and safe. Its not going to strangle you if you tripped in it. Its safer than a normal towel for picking up your baby as you don't have to put it under your chin. Its a lovely neutral colour. It washes really well and doesn't loose its softness. I would recommend this towel to anyone.

Hollie Thompson says: I'd recomed this to any mum, the material is very soft and comfortable for baby skin.i even used it on my eldesr who has bad eczema and she said it was very soft of her skin and didnt hurt her.iys very easy to clip on so your not having to mess around with other towels whilst holding a wet baby, you can just pick them up and wrap them in it. Its very easy to unclip with one hand aswell.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Kathryn Twist says: I have not found another towel for my baby which could rival this brand. It’s beautiful neutral design makes it the perfect item for any bathroom. I think what makes this product stand out is the quality of the materials used and the stitching. The clever design is a plus as is the fact that it could easily be packed for holidays or days out. I think this product should definitely win an award for it innovative design.

Stephanie Usher says: Compared to a normal baby towel this is so much better. The product feels soft and luxurious which is great for baby's skin. It also dried well but didn't feel wet which other towels can do as you dry them which can leave baby feeling a little uncomfortable and cold. Now that I have tried the product I would definitely recommend it above others on the market, however I would not have really considered it before as it is quite pricey.

Sophie Whitehouse says: It is a great towel in quality and design, but there are plenty of other lovely bath towels on the market for less than half the price tag, albeit none quite like this unique design which I think should be recognised. Overall, I’d say it’s a runner up product purely based on the high purchase price!

What changes would you make to this product?

Ella Regular says: The product could do with being longer/having a way to release more fabric if required (perhaps held up using poppers when not in use?) as unfortunately babies would outgrow this product fairly quickly and to spend £34.99 on something that is not going to last all that long is quite a bit of money to part with.

Keya Shah says: I would love to get this product in a travel size in a slightly thinner material so it folds away taking up less space. I love it so much we take it everywhere but it does take up more bulk space than we anticipate so having a smaller adaptable version would be so ideal. Other than that, we wouldn't change anything as we love this product so much.

Holly Thompson says: It wouldnt change anything about the prodcut but it would be nice to have a wash cloth made from thr same material to make the higher price seem more worth it. It would also be nice to make , itwould also be nice to have a fold up option for whilst you are wesring it but baby is in the bath it is abit long whilst you are kneeling down so a little clip up button that you could undo when you are ready to use the towel would be good.

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