Lindam Jump About Plus Review

from Lindam
RRP £24.99
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by Thought Thought |

Lindam's Jump About Plus is a great way for little ones to feel included in what’s happening in a room. It’s a great source of exercise and it’s fun!

The product is a simple design that holds securely to the door frame (and it’s safe) but the length of the straps don’t allow lighter babies to reach the floor. Getting the baby into the bouncer (by balancing baby on your knee whilst clipping the harness into place – as per instruction) can be tricky, as is typical of this type of jumper.

It’s transportable and great for occupying little ones while you get some chores done around the house. It’s especially great for babies who enjoy standing. The jumper encourages independence and is safe. It's also reasonably priced.

Highly recommended!

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