Apramo Ostara Fix Seat Review

from Apramo
RRP £119
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

The Apramo Ostara Fix is a comfortable, adjustable car seat suitable for 3-12-year-olds. It offers 7 different positions and made from thicker fabrics for higher-level comfort and security. Parents can also rest assured as the removable covers on the seat are quick and easy to wash.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Anna: This product makes my life easier because it is compatible with Isofix which meant spending less time messing around with installation. Also, my child was very comfortable which meant that she was happy to get into the car without any arguments or upsets. This is how my life was made easier as a mum.

Nicola: It was incredibly easy to install due to the Isofix. I prefer a booster to have Isofix really because it means they don’t move around if the seatbelt isn’t fastened. It also feels safer. The cover also seemed very easy to remove for cleaning. Some of our car seats have been virtually impossible to remove. With this, there is a zip up the back and it didn’t appear to have any difficult areas to unhook etc although I did not fully strip it.

Zoe: This product made my life easier as a mum because my child was comfortable in the car! When they are comfortable, they wriggle less and therefore get on better with the children sitting next to them. Car journeys are one of my least favourite things to do and having a solid seat like the Ostara fix made my life easier.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sue: Yes I would. My child said the seat was really comfy, it was really well made and sturdy, seemed really good quality and was nicely padded. I felt confident my child was safe and comfortable on all the journeys he was in the seat. The adjustable headrest is also a massive selling point as the chair will last as the child grows!

Naomi: I would personally suggest this car seat to parents! The Apramo Ostara Fix booster seat was so easy. The recline really is a brilliant idea as there are not many car seats for this age and height range with this design. It was really very well made and padded and comfortable and made every journey in the car enjoyable for my daughter.

Lucy: My child loved the padded seat, I loved the fact it was easy to install and carry. It was a really good fit for my 6-year-old. He is tall but light. Feels like he is the right age for this seat, possibly age 3 seems too young. Simple design and straight forward looking and my child got in and were comfy quickly.

Would you choose this product to win?

Anna: Yes I would. This product does stand out to me because it is sleek, stylish, comfortable, and wide enough to be nice for the child but without being too bulky. It is not priced too high at all. Also, I like the way it looks in the car. So yes, I would definitely choose this product over others in the market.

Zoe: I would choose this product because it's easy to install, secure and feels sturdy. I also like that it's easy to strap in the child so that they can get in the car quickly (even if they are having a tantrum). The ergonomic headrest can be easily adjusted. The measurements of height are usefully marked onto the headrest so you can see where you need to be.

Sue: I think it’s a really good seat, I love the lightweight aspect - it’s certainly much lighter than the other seat we use, and I love the ease of use with the Isofix points. I would recommend it also as it would last for many years and several stages of my child growing up. The adjustable headrest was really good and the seat would grow with my son.

What changes would you make to this product?

Naomi: If I could change only one thing about this booster seat it would only be that I wish it had a cup holder my daughter always takes a bottle of water in the car as do I and with only one cup holder in my car, it was a bit of a pain. It meant she would lay it on the seat next to her and it would leak and soak the seat. She’s very used to having a cup holder and iv never bought a booster seat without and inbuilt cup holder!

Lucy: Perhaps more padding in the back which may make it seem less rigid and stiff. It’s a simple straightforward design and the weight is good. By putting more padding in it may make it bulkier which goes against the very thing I've said I like! But on long journeys, this may make it less appealing to my child.

Anna: If I could change one thing I would make the material on the car seat a bit thicker and a bit more cushioning. Also, I would make a tiny bit more narrow. It isn't too wide but a little bit wider than some car seats that are out there on the market. I would not change any other things about this car seat.

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