Cosatto All in All Rotate (Group 0+/1/2/3 ISOFIX) Car Seat Review

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by Mother & Baby |

Cosatto All in All Rotate Car Seat at a glance:

Say hello to the All in All Rotatewith ISOFIX fitting options and suitable throughout all stages up to approx 12 years old. Great features include: exclusive 5 point plus Anti-Escape system & an adjustable flip-out side impact protection system, as well as an excellent rotate feature for easy access. The rotation to 'side-facing' for easy access from a car door means no more stretching when lifting baby. An easily adjustable harness and recline lock indicator are just two new features added to improve the comfort and ease. The seat then locks into position either forward or rear-facing when you’re on the move, bringing added in-car safety.

How did this product make your life easier?  

Elisabeth: The seat is comfy and my child seems content in his seat when travelling. There is ample space and as he grows there is flexibility for the seat to grow with him. The rotation aspect is great and allows me to easily put him in and rotate. However we have a focus a reasonable sized car and it was tight turning the seat around never mind a slightly smaller car.

Ellen: The Cosatto All in All Rotate is amazing! The swivel action of the car seat means no stretching or reaching to get my daughter into the seat, this is especially useful when I am parked in a small space or when my daughter really doesn't want to get in! My daughter is three now and likes to climb into her seat herself, as the seat can be turned to face the door, she can get in easily and quickly. Less drama, less stretchy, less arguing every time!

Katie: I absolutely love this car seat, it is so simple to fix and use! Being able to easily switch the seat between the cars makes life so much simpler, saves time and keeps us all a little saner! Physically it makes such a difference having the rotating feature as it saves so much stress and strain on your back and in our case, our 3 years old was much more able to climb up and in herself with me just making any adjustments to the safety straps as needed.

Would you recommend this to other parents?  

Sherrina: The 360 design is a godsend and makes life easier for busy parents on the go. Having given birth by Caesarean section I found using this feature especially helpful. You are able to access your baby/child from both sides of the car which saves your back, no need to stretch or struggle with one click you are able to swivel and rotate the seat to meet your needs.

Katie: I would 100% recommend this to anyone it looks beautiful, is so comfy and supportive for a newborn and also changes and adapts to last right through so its the only car seat you will need to buy. Also, of course, there are all the amazing safety features that rear-facing offers for an extended period that so many other seats don't offer.

Maria: I would recommend this car seat to fellow parents mainly for the swivel feature which I think is great also as the seat allows for extended rear-facing. It is a very sturdy car seat and is easy to fit to the car and comes with beautiful wipable seat covers that are so padded and comfortable my child always has a good sleep on car journeys.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?  

Joanne: I’d most definitely choose the Cosatto All in All Rotate (Group 0+/1/2/3 ISOFIX) Car Seat over other car seats because of many factors. Firstly the fact it rotates is a must. I wouldn’t even entertain a car seat that didn’t rotate anymore since trying this one. It’s very stylish, the fika forest is such a beautiful design, I love the earthy tone of the car seat with a lovely flash of bright vibrancy of the insert. It’s stunning. The quality is second to none, it’s beautifully padded and makes me want to climb in and snuggle up too! I also love the anti escape factor it has. There’s nothing more horrifying than seeing your baby wriggle his arm out the car seat whilst you are driving so I was delighted to learn about Cosattos anti escape device!

Aimee: I love the fact this seat is suitable from birth to 12 years, being a 0/1/2/3 Car Seat, and that its Extended Rear Facing suitable until 4. In a way, this is an investment, providing it lasts that long, due to its included newborn insert and head hugger, although I'm not sure personally id use from birth, as the seat is quite deep and angled, and feel baby would look quite contoured into a V shape... It's extremely easy to install and use - instructions were via print in 8 languages, a pictograph on the side of the seat AND in a Q Code too which when scanned with a phone took to the Cosatto Website.

Ellen: The Cosatto All in All Rotate should definitely win. Out of all of the products I've tried or heard about since my daughter was a baby, this is the one I wish I had bought when she was born. It's safe, it's strong, easy to clean, easy to use and the design is stylish and quirky. The rotating base is a feature I didn't think I needed but I really, really did! It saves time and stress getting my daughter into the car...I only wish I had one when she was a wriggly toddler!

What changes would you make to this product?

Elisabeth: The clips to do up the car seat are really fiddly. I appreciate the there are various design considerations when designing a car seat to ensure it is 100 percent safe however the two clips were really hard to get together to do up. If your child is wriggling and you haven’t got a very steady hand you would really struggle. The clips also resulted in the straps becoming slightly twisted which I’m not sure is very safe.

Caroline: The one thing I would change about this product is to make it more streamlined as it leaves very little room in the back of a car one the seat/base is installed and only really allows for one other person in the back even in a Honda Civic which isn't a really small car. However, it wouldn't stop me from buying it if I found it was better quality overall than others on the market.

Maria: There is not much I would change about this seat I particularly like the escape-proof straps for older children this definitely solved a problem we where having with my son constantly taking his arms out of the straps I don't think there is anything I would change about this seat, maybe clearer instructions as they took a bit of working out