How to fit your baby’s car seat

How to fit your baby’s car seat

by Mother & Baby Team |

Learn how to fit your baby’s car seat correctly with baby care advisor Gemma and Halford's expert Bex...

Gemma says: It is by law that you need to have a car seat for your baby, it is also you know a good idea when you purchase your car seat to ask the shop that you actually buy it from that they will fit that for you. Most places will offer this free of charge, which is a great service.

Bex Foster, Halfords car seat expert says: So this is a rearward facing seat. Blue means rearward facing, red means forward facing. So all you need to do is follow the blue. You’ve got two blue bits here and one blue bit at the back. Okay, so first off you go through the blue, and then the second blue and plug it in. The round the back making sure this is up, hear the click, round the back, pull it through the blue in the back. Just slides in, make sure this is all flat, angle the seat, give it a tug, make sure it’s not too tight but it’s not too loose over the top and grab this bit, tighten it up a little bit. Just one last final check, if the child’s not in the seat you just need to make sure there’s no movement. So all you do with that is put your hand, the palm of your hand into the back of the seat and give it a whack. If it doesn’t move, it’s fine. There you go, one seat in the car.

When you’re fitting a child seat, just put your body weight into the seats. Make sure there’s no slack on the seat belts, tighten it all off and then you should be able to check the harness, grab the harness, pull it forward and the seat shouldn’t move at all. First off, pull out the seatbelt, making sure the seatbelt isn’t twisted – wrap it all the way round and plug it in. That’s good the buckle doesn’t come too far out the seat which means it’s not going to have any problem with the buckle crunch because it’s not bending over the frame of the seat at all.


OK, next thing you do now it’s all plugged in, just put your body weight into the seat, give it a tug and you’ll see the seat pulling back in there. Give it a tug, and take it all the way up the top so you feed it in the top so it should be flat all the way down. No twists in the seatbelt, all the way round following the red and plug it in, okay, to here.

Again, just push your weight into the seat, pull this up, extra slack, keep pushing it down then pull it through and the slack will go. Then hold it tight there, and push this bit down. Then the red, the other side push it down so it’s all tight round there so you’ve got the extra tension at the side here and this side, they both work together. Hold both sides, push it up – as you push it up, you’ll see the seat gradually just push back an extra bit, the actual frame of the car. Lock it off, you’ll hear a click and that’s the extra tension done.

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