Joie Elevate 2 Review

from Joie
RRP £69.99
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

Elevate 2.0 is a streamline guardian that grows with your child, ready to ride along from 9-36kg. With a five-point harness, the elevate converts to a belted booster from 15-36kg. With full side impact protection, plus Guard Surround Safety panels that shield little ones from head to hips, you can rest assured your little one is protected. The elevate is also loaded with comfort and convenience extras, including fully ventilated mesh sides and an integrated cup holder.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Julie: I would recommend this product to other parents because it is lightweight and easily manoeuvrable. It is also a decent price compared to similar seats available on the market. For me, the harness is an absolute must as it's so much safer and more secure than using an adult belt. It has the added bonus of being able to convert it to a high backed booster when the time comes.

Tamsin: In terms of value for money, the seat adapts and grows with your child and is therefore good value for money. The fabrics seem to be of a good quality, are wipeable and look smart. The seat buckle was easy to close even when my little one was wriggling about. The seat is lightweight which is helpful when carrying it between cars and it was easy to install.

Cadey**:** The main reason I'd recommend this product is the value for money. This is a seat which will last my daughter for years. For a recommended retail price of £75, I really can't find a reason why I wouldn't recommend it. It's adjustable and comfortable for my daughter. She's happy to sit in it and doesn't play up when trying to seat her.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sally: Having a cup holder on the side of the seat is a fabulous addition. My son always tries to pass me his drink whilst I’m driving or he drops the drink on the back seats or footwell of the car, often leading to spills. Having a cup holder has stopped all of that. Likewise having washable covers is a must for any car seat as they tend to get covered in food, drink and dirt over time. One car seat to transition until they are 12 years is a huge positive!

Gemma: This car seat is super easy to install and remove from the car using a seatbelt. It doesn't include an Isofix but this hasn't been an issue here. I love the added cup holder, my son is always yelling because he can't find his drink so having somewhere to store it has been really helpful. The seat is really padded which would make it feel safer and more robust.

Hannah: This product makes my life easier as a mum. It has a really handy cup holder and as my toddler often likes to have snacks or drinks in the car, the cup holder means she can safely store her things in there without me worrying they are going to be dropped which makes a less stressful journey for us all. This seat has removable covers so they are easy to clean if a mess has been made. It has breathable mesh sides so if we are going on a car journey on a hot day I know my daughter is going to be comfortable and not too hot.

Would you choose this product to win?

Gemma: The only time I would use this car seat would be on an older child as I prefer other car seats that can we attach with Isofix. Isofix gives me peace of mind. I like the simple design and the two-tone black colour which looked really smart and did not show up and marks or stains. I did like the multiple levels for the head support when it comes to height but could do with some more padding around the head. I like the mesh sides for ventilation especially with all the hot weather we have had. It kept my daughter cool and comfortable.

Verity: It is a good price for a good, solid product, which will last many years. It feels secure, robust and good quality. It is lightweight which is very useful if you need to move it between vehicles. It is very different to the car seat I ordinarily use which rotates. However, it is not in the same market sector as this seat is aimed at lasting longer. Although my son is of the appropriate weight to use the seat I would not use it as I prefer him to be rear facing. This seat would be far more appropriate as my son gets older and needs a less substantial seat.

Julie: I would choose this product because of the recognised brand name. It is lightweight, a good price and has a harness. I think for me the harness feature and the side impact especially around the head make it a winner.

What changes would you make to this product?

Cadey: I would add more colours or different designs so people could pick the item to go with their car. I think the black design could maybe attract heat and sunlight too much so could become warm. Other than that, I love everything about the product.

Sally: The main criticism I would have for this seat is that the release button to help loosen the shoulder straps is a bit difficult to locate and press until you get used to it. My father helped put my son into the seat on one occasion and despite being quite used to children’s car seats he also struggled to locate the release button until I pointed it out. I’d say this is only a minor criticism though as you quickly learn the knack for it.

Gemma: The seatbelt on this car seat is too easy for an inquisitive toddler to undo. I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that my son could undo this whilst travelling on the motorway for example. My Joie rear-facing car seat has a cover over the button. This is a little annoying when trying to buckle him in but this extra minute of effort seems much safer to me!

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