Joie i-Level Review

from Joie
RRP £200
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by Catriona Watson |

Joie i-Level at a glance:

A lie-flat lounger when strolling and a lie-flat for snoozes in the car, this car seat cleverly converts in an instant from cuddly carrycot to infant car seat. Suitable rearward facing from birth, the i-Level features the ultimate protection and security for your little one. For your comfort, the Joie i-Level has an ergonomic carry handle and a full body insert which can easily be removed. The removable sun canopy shades your little one and features a zip-open ventilation panel to keep them comfy in any weather.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Alexandra: This is a great car seat! The lie-down function just means that the car seat can be taken out of position in the car and put onto a stroller without having to wake the little person up to transfer them. This made life a lot easier! The fabric is all easy to wipe clean and washable. All feels very luxurious and comfortable with plenty of extra padding. Removable inserts for different weight children. I liked that the product has a QR code on the side which links directly to a website with instructions of how to install so if someone else was using the car Seat who is not familiar with it it is easy to access instructions. The Isofix is nice and neat (a lot smaller and lighter than some others on the market) Most importantly this is a safe car seat. It has been well tested and that is the most important thing for a car seat!

Sally-Ann: Knowing that my baby will be comfortable on longer car journeys definitely made life easier. As soon as we set off, baby was asleep within minutes. The Isofix was easy to install into the car, however, it wasn't the best fit in my car so getting it in and out wasn't as easy as other car seats. It has an indicator on the side to show whether the car seat is in correctly, but it takes a bit of messing around to get the green indicator. Having the option of both Isofix and fitting with the seatbelt would make it easier if you need to move the seat between cars, rather than having to remove the Isofix base each time.

Amie: The recline feature to the deepest and cosiest 157° angle for the most ergonomic position for my baby is a massive plus for me and makes such a difference to how comfortable baby is in the car seat. I found it really easy to use, easy to install the Isofix base in the car and the car seat appears to be really good quality. The adjustable headrest is easy to use too and I love the fact the car seat grows with your baby. It is very well made and looks great, and I would be happy to recommend it to fellow mums.

Would you recommend this product?

Gabriella: The car seat arrived well packaged with all the parts accounted for. You don't have to mess about building anything fiddly, you just need to follow the instructions and your manufacturer iso-fix instructions to get the seat into your car. I think I had it fixed in to place in under 5 minutes. The handles and recline lever are all easy and simple to use and glide nicely. There was no clunky movements or stuck buttons which was great.

Sarah: I would recommend this car seat to a fellow Mum or friend due to the lie-flat feature which is a really big bonus. I would also recommend it as there is a good amount of protection around the top of the car seat which provides extra support and protection to the baby’s head. I think this is a real positive as it puts your mind at ease when it comes to safety. I also really like the fact that you have access to the instructions on a scannable code. This is a fantastic idea as the code takes you directly to a video explaining how to use/ attach the car seat- particularly helpful if the grandparents are using it! I also, really like the material which I think looks attractive and is at a high-quality level.

Charlotte: I would recommend this product but Joie products are always of great quality. This product looks as beautiful as it feels and is lightweight compared to some other car seats I have lifted in the past with my previous daughter, which is great when you’re trying to carry in multiples things from the car! The lightweight seat and great, stylish design makes this car seat a winner in my eyes.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Charlotte: Yes I think this would probably be my top choice in car seats! I have a silver cross that came with our pram and I prefer this one! This seat is much classier looking than others I have seen on the market and my son looked very comfortable in it when we tested it. The lightweight of the seat is an added bonus!

Alexandra: Yes! The additional lie down function means that there is less transferring of baby and less having to wake them up. I like that this car seat lies down and yet still only takes up a small amount of space in the car (unlike other lie down car seats which are massive!) I like that the Isofix was small and comparatively lightweight compare to other Isofix I have used.

Sally-Ann: I was really impressed by this car seat. It is stylish and easy to use, clearly the comfort of the baby is a high priority and the lay-flat feature for me was the feature that stood out. Everything is high quality and nicely finished. I would be very happy with this product over others and there was nothing big that I could fault with it.

What changes would you make to this product?

Gabriella: I honestly wouldn't know what to advise to try this car seat or change about it. It feels safe for my son which is the priority and I would trust this car seat to keep him safe whilst we are out driving. He has had no problems being in the car seat and is a very happy little chap when I can see him in the mirror that we have in the car.

Sarah: I really like this product, however, if I had to change one thing it would be that the sunshade could be a little larger or could be extended a little further. Some other car seats that I have used and/ or reviewed have had good-sized sun shades which not only allow for good sun protection but also help to encourage and extend sleep. As this car seat lies flat I think if the sunshade was larger which would help to keep baby asleep.

Amie: If I could change one thing about it, it would be the hood stability. Sometimes, less the often, the hood started to slowly go down. Not really sure why it did this. Or to use easy wipeable fabric to save removing full body insert to wash, due to baby being sick. But the fabric and style used looks great, so this is not a thing I would change.

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