Joie i-Spin Safe Review

from Joie
RRP £300
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The Joie i-Spin Safe at a glance:

This dedicated rearward-facing seat is both i-Size and Swedish Plus Test certified. Positioned where you would naturally reach, the one-handed Simple Swivel creates a smooth, 90o spin that turns your kiddo towards you for easy buckling up, and back again for a safe and sound rearward ride. You're guaranteed all round protection with the auto-engage Guard Surround SafetyTM side impact protection panels that lock outward when the harness is tightened and absorb force during a crash. The Tri-ProtectTM headrest offers security, while the one-hand, 6 position Grow TogetherTM headrest and harness system adjusts simultaneously without rethreading the harness.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amie: I would recommend this seat to all my friends and fellow mums. Firstly, this seat is a rear-facing seat that lasts from until your child is 18.5kg or 105cm tall which is really important to me since rear-facing is the safest way to travel. The seat has also passed the Swedish Plus test, which is the strictest car seat test, so you can be sure that this is a really safe option for your children. The Joie i-spin safe also has side impact protection wings that automatically pop out when you tighten the straps too making it even safer. The spin function allows you to spin the seat towards you, making getting a baby or toddler in and out of the seat easy. The seat is really easy to install with Isofix and the headrest has a button that allows you to move up the headrest and straps together so you can easily set it to the correct position for your child. There are 6 recline positions that are really easy to move between so you can have your baby sitting upright when they are awake and lay the seat flatter while they sleep to stop their head flopping. The insert can be removed in three sections so you can get the perfect fit for you baby. The loops on either side of the seat to keep the straps neat and tidy and out of the way are great. With so many great features there really is no reason not to choose this seat!

Elizabeth: The car seat is easy to use with its spin feature that can be adjusted with only one hand when putting my toddler in the car or taking her out. It prevents us from having to lean into the car and twist to place them in it and also allows me to get into tighter spaces in car parks/driveways where I don’t need to open the door as wide to manoeuvre them in/out. Once we’d worked out how to adjust the Isofix bars on the bottom we found it fairly straightforward to switch between vehicles with only the hanging strut causing a bit of trouble where it wouldn’t stay folded up.

Lucy: To me this is the creme de la creme of car seats - I absolutely love it, I easily installed this using the Isofix - it’s so reassuring, the whole seat just functions with ease - the button adjustment for headrest and steals fir example - it’s just super well thought out and I know they test incredibly well

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Amie: The spin feature on this seat is something that makes my life as a mum so much easier. It is so much easier to get a baby or toddler into the seat and make sure they are strapped nice and tightly when the seat is facing you. I find it tricky to tighten straps on car seats when they are stuck in the rear-facing position, so I absolutely love the ability to spin the seat towards me. The loops on either side to tuck the buckles into are also a great help. This keeps the harness out of the way while I get my son into the seat and it stops the straps getting twisted and tangles when they are not being used. I also really like that the harness level and headrest adjust together with a simple button on the headrest, so you don't need to rethread the straps at all making it really easy to change the setting as your child grows. The Isofix installation is also quick and easy. The side impact protection wings automatically pop out when you tighten the straps which makes life easier as you do not have to remember to manually pull them out.

Elizabeth: The product is easy to use and comes with the added peace of mind that it is plus tested and has added protection in place for side impacts. It has a number of recline options that when inserted in my vehicle (a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross), appeared comfortable for my toddler as well as being easy to adjust for their size. The spin function can be done one-handed and it is competitively priced compared to others on the market.

Lucy: It’s a well-known brand known to test very well in safety tests The spin function allows for easy access - no more bumped heads! Longer rear-facing! The safest way to travel and this seat enables until around 4 years Price point - you get a lot less for a lot more elsewhere! Easy to install - secure Isofix fittings

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amie: I would choose this seat above all others on the market. I think it is great. I have always loved the Joie Spin seats and this one has all the same great features that I love. The easy Isofix installation, the easy to adjust the headrest, the handy buckle loops, the multiple recline positions, the removable inserts, and the ability to rear face to around 4 years. On top of all that this Joie i-spin safe is also Swedish plus tested which makes me love it even more. I am so happy knowing that this seat has passed the strictest car seat test, so I know it is a really safe option for my kids.

Elizabeth: I found this product competitively priced along with also having great safety features and an easy to use spin function. It fit easily in my car and the fact it’s been plus tested is a massive pro for me. Compared to others in its category it’s also very slightly lighter and doesn’t have the option to forward face which creates peace of mind knowing that if in use by the grandparents/auntie they can’t accidentally put my toddler facing the wrong way.

Lucy: Yes yes and yes! It’s highly rated by all my mummy friends, almost everyone has one and there’s good reason! The spin function makes checking straps and buckled so so easy The price is great for a seat that lasts so long The babies seem comfortable too, my little one easily settles and sleeps - made easier by the variety of recline functions

What changes would you make to this product?

Amie: If I could change one thing about this seat, it would be to add a hoop fastening to hold down the middle clip in between the child's legs. I found that when putting my child in the car she kept sitting on it and I had to keep pulling from under her bum, which was a little awkward especially when they are over two stone.

Elizabeth: The only slight gripe I had with the car seat was the way the support arm/strut didn’t retract back up and stay folded for when moving between the vehicles. This made it slightly harder to manoeuvre between them as it would swing down and get in the way whilst I was trying to insert it in the car. Although the function was there to retract it up it needed to stay there until released which wasn’t happening. Whether this was a one-off issue with the individual product sent to us or a design flaw, we found it was something that both myself and my friend struggled with.

Lucy: I was speaking to one of the other testers in my panel and we both agreed if the weight could be increased up to 23kilo inline with some others on the market this seat would be the golden egg of them all We love it, we trust it, we would purchase with our own money and the extended rear-facing is a huge part of that - this seat should be crowned number one in these awards because it truly is

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