Joie Stages fx Review

from Joie
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

To keep your little one safe as you travel, the Joie Every Stage FX with a reinforced steel inner seat shell features side impact protection and Guard Surround Safety™ panels which provide extra side protection and fold into the seat when not in use. With six recline positions – two rear-facing and four forward-facing, and with plush, deluxe cushioning and fabrics, you can be sure your little one is travelling in comfort whether they want to relax and nap or sit up and watch the world go by.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kirsty: I would recommend it because I believe it to be one of the safest car seats on the market. Safety is very important to me. It is also extremely easy to install. I used to go for Isofix seats because I believed they were safer but after doing a lot of research I now realise that when installing safely there is no difference so I would go for this 1000x over. I wish I had this seat from birth. I think it’s a really reasonable price, I paid the same amount just for the Isofix base for my car seat so it’s fantastic.

Hannah: I would thoroughly recommend it but be prepared to spend time getting the fit just right and practising with the straps and headrest height – just for your own sense of reassurance. It was brilliant especially if you have two children in the car seat in the back as they aren't too big and bulky. I would recommend.

Kim: The design and comfort of this chair are hands down the best! It’s really stylish and a great contrast for both boys and girls! This is where the value for money comes in because you can use this chair again and again. Everything a mum would want! All of my friends love the versatility of this chair and I would definitely recommend!

How did this product make your life easier?

Katy: This is the first Isofix seat I’ve come across that doesn’t have a separate base which basically means it can be moved from one car to another in one trip rather than two. Considering its all-in-one it doesn’t feel overly heavy either so definitely makes life easy! The sides of the seat have a nifty gap in which you can put the straps whilst getting your child into the seat which is another really useful feature that makes life easier. Having one car seat that can last until age seven is amazing. I wish I’d had it when my little one was born!

Sharon: This car seat makes life easier because of the Isofix base. The car seat and base are one item which is fantastic for moving the car seat. It’s a simple one-step insert. Handy if you are rushing but still need peace of mind that the car seat is safe! I love that it signals to tell you if the car seat is attached correctly. The recline makes life easier as my little one can have her bottle and sleep on a long journey in comfort without her head falling forward. Knowing that your child is comfortable takes the worry of out of travel.

Kelly: It’s a simple car seat to use. The straps and buckles make it a simple transition getting my daughter into the car and out again. It’s easy to fit and remove again if necessary. It’s a nice height so no bending over and sweating trying to buckle my daughter in! It is perfect.

Would you choose this product to win?

Jo: I personally wouldn’t go and choose this product for my car. I feel there are better car seats out there which come with all the features I would need. I would prefer a base so there’s no need for seatbelts to be in the way and the Isofix can be used both ways. The seat is good but wouldn’t be my first choice.

Carly: I would choose this product above all others as I think it is a very safe and sturdy looking car seat. It is very comfortable looking too. It is a good price for the number of years that you will get out of the car seat. The ease of moving it from car to car is also a great selling point of it.

Kirsty: I would choose this product over others on the market because it is brilliant. It is so reasonably priced, safe, easy to install, stylish and from a reliable brand. It has been recommended to me so many times by other mums who absolutely love it. It’s really easy to take apart and wash. I find in hot weather it doesn’t get as hot as other car seats we have had which is great.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah: The only thing I found frustrating was getting the child into the seat but this is only because I have the 360 and a very difficult child. I was very happy with this product and would happily recommend to anyone looking for a car seat for this age, style and colour. I really enjoyed using it.

Katy: I couldn’t recline this product no matter what I did. The recline positions are a little confusing as they depend on which position the seat is in. According to the manual, the seat should have four recline positions depending on which position but I couldn’t adjust it at all. The position suited my son quite well but a recline would have been handy for nap time.

Sharon: If I could change one thing about this car seat it would be how bulky it is. I don’t think it needs to be as wide to serve the purpose. It’s very hard to get three car seats in the car across the back with this car seat. I would also make the covers on the straps a little bit neater. They are a bit bulky to get a toddler's arms into especially when they are refusing to get in. I find the belt under the covers gets twisted very easily and that’s a bit of a nightmare. Overall the bulky-ness could be improved but this car seat is fabulous and I really hope it wins.

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