Kinderkraft MYWAY car seat Review

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Kinderkraft MYWAY car seat at a glance:

The Kinderkfraft MYWAY car seat allows you to transport your child in the safest position, i.e. rearward-facing, up to 18 kg. Optionally, forward-facing, starting from 9 kg. MYWAY is equipped with 5-point internal seat belts, thanks to which the child can travel safely. The system of indicators ensures correct installation of ISOFIX anchor point fastening, stretching the TOP TETHER belt, and securing the child with internal belts. The seat is mounted on a stable base, which increases the child's safety by taking the first impact force. The seat is integrated with the base.

How did this product make your life easier?

Claire: I would definitely recommend this car seat to other parents as a great car seat that avoids having to keep buying new ones as the child grows. Not only does it do everything you need in a seat, but it is also good value as it would last you so long. It looks attractive, has nice feeling material, and my son informs me it is very comfortable. I was reassured by the Isofix attachment for safety and it looks so stable when we are driving.

Sarah: The seat was quick and simple to set up. I used it rearward facing as my son it 17 months old. To do this you use the cars seat belt to keep the seat in place. All I had to do to set the seat up was take out the newborn inserts and padding and then place it into the car. My husband also had a go at installing the car seat and was surprised at how light the seat was as the base isn't bulky like some other seats.

Rebecca: I love that this car seat is so easy to adapt to each child. If a family member was to last-minute look after one of my children, it’s so easy to move to another car without the hassle and it’s even easier to convert from one position to another if you need to use it for different aged children on different days. The straps are easy to adjust and I can adjust the headrest with one hand - which isn’t usually the case with car seats!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Jenny: Yes I would recommend this product. It is easy to use and install, it has handy features such as magnetic seat belt holders, and a one-handed tilt function. The seat can facilitate children from 0-36kg so no need to buy multiple seats throughout a childhood. The base is a little larger than some which should be taken into consideration. Also the fact it can only forward face if there is an Isofix attachment available.

Laura: The chair has an Isofix base which makes life easier especially if you are moving the seat between different cars. It is suitable for newborn right up to 12 years old which is great and saves buying multiple chairs as your child gets older. It is a very comfortable chair with lots of padding which is great on long journeys and the recline feature is also very handy.

Claire: The seat was easy to install with the Isofix attachment so I wouldn’t be phased if I wanted to move it from one car to another. When fixed in place it has lots of features that make life easier. The harness straps have an easily accessible adjustment button (I’ve had previous seats where this has been hidden under fabric) and great little magnetic holders that keep the straps out of the way when you are getting the child in and out.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Zosia: The chair is beautiful, but it has some flaws. The seatbelt is really hard to do up. I find putting baby into the seat quite difficult due to the seatbelt strap (that secures it in the car) blocking easy access to put my baby in the seat. I also prefer Isofix as it feels more secure in the car, but this isn’t possible to use when the seat is rear-facing which is a shame.

Vashti: I would choose this product based on the fact that it grows with the child, which saves money over time and helps to limit the number of used car seats there are out there. The colour sets it apart and it was very easy to use, very intuitive and obvious. It is nice and soft, my son seemed well supported and comfortable, he didn't scream his head off at least!

Helen: I would choose this car seat to win because it’s practical, straightforward to adjust, relatively compact and amazing value. It’s great to be able to buy one reasonably priced car seat which can be used for all age ranges and I was amazed how easy it was to adjust and how comfortable both my newborn and my three-year-old looked in this. I would definitely suggest it wins and recommend it to my friends as it’s a great buy!

What changes would you make to this product?

Vashti: I would ask that the manual would be easier to read, the pictures weren't always that obvious and it took me a minute to figure out that the Isofix didn't work for rear-facing. I would also want my Isofix to be rear-facing were I to buy one, as putting newborns into a multistage that relies on the seatbelt is quite difficult as the seatbelt blocks the path.

Victoria: The car seat is a solid, sturdy structure that has fitted easily into my car. It took me minutes for me to understand the manual and safely clip it into place. My 10-week-old son sits very comfortably in the seat. I am more than confidant that he is secure. The chair doesn't budge and he is also secure in the harness and strongly padded seating. I would certainly recommend this product, fantastic value for money and looks great too. Although it may be expensive for some to afford, it is definitely worth it, comfortable and most importantly safe, I have confidence that in an accident it would definitely. What can I say that hasn't already been said this is an excellent carseat easy to install into car this one doesn't need isofix and still goes in easily and is totally secure well worth the money.

Rebecca: There isn’t anything I can think of changing. We have the colour red so perhaps an alternate colour that’s neutral would be a lot more pleasing to the eye but I’ve seen these actually come in different colours so it’s not necessarily something to change. I can’t think of anything I would change about it!

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