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Maxi-Cosi Mica at a glance:

Putting a new spin on comfort, Mica is an i-Size, 360° rotating car seat from birth to 4 years old. As well as the spin function, easily and quickly install your child in the seat with the stay-open crotch pad and 5-point harness. The comfortable inlay can be used from birth and the headrest benefits from memory foam. Using ISOFIX and a support leg for increased stability in the car, recline the seat in any position, (rearward or forward-facing). Mica has superb G-CELL lateral technology, plus ClimaFlow fabric which aids ventilation and keeps your child at the correct temperature.

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: This product is fantastic. I loved that it double-clicked on Isofix and the fact the seat spins all the way around with the push of a button making it very easy to get baby in and out of the car especially in bad weather very comfortable for baby my baby fell to sleep very easily as suppose to the seat I have now for her.

Samantha: The rotating function on this car seat is brilliant. It makes getting my little on in and out of the car so much easier. As I am a working mum with three children, I love anything that makes life quicker. The harness height is also extremely easy to adjust. My current car seat’s harness is quite tricky to adjust. On the Mica, you just press the button and move the headrest which adjusts the harness. The mica uses Isofix and it is very quick to install in the car. So, when I need to move it, it only takes a few minutes. I also like the grips that hold the harness out of the way of the seat when putting my little one in the seat. The mica has lots of clear safety features such as the Isofix turning green when fitted correctly. I like this as I know the seat is fitted correctly. Overall, I found the mica really easy to use.

Kelly: The Mica makes life so much easier! Car seats can be a confusing subject and the fact that this is so easy to fit is great. It fits with the ISOFIX points and support leg and the instructions were really clear. I have moved to fit in another car too and had no problems. Getting it to the right harness height was easy as it moves up with the headrest in one movement! I have been testing with my 2-year-old and the spin feature makes it really easy to get him in and out without straining my back! It's also easier to fasten his harness and tighten when in this position.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Charlotte: I would highly recommend this product to my friends as I feel a fantastic car seat with all the needs to make an easy life for any mum with comfort also. The fact it has different recline positions also is fantastic when sleeping can lower when awake can look out the window love its rear-facing as I always feel safer with my child rear-facing.

Samantha: I would recommend this car seat to other mums. It is very easy to use and reasonably priced for a car seat suitable from birth to around age four. The rotating function is brilliant. I like that this seat can be used rear-facing up to 18kg. My son has plenty of space rear-facing too. I also like that this is an i-size seat so meets the most recent safety testing standards. I think the Maxi Cosi Mica is suitable for most people to use either from birth or when little one outgrows their infant carrier so I would feel confident recommending it especially as it is so easy to use. My son also looked super comfy in the Mica. The materials feel like high-quality fabrics and not the sort that would snag easy.

Kelly: I would recommend the Maxi-Cosi Mica to any other parent. I love that it can be used straight away from birth, right up to 105cm which is about 4 years old - so great longevity! The fact that you can use rear-facing for the whole time is amazing, as it's so much safer for them. You can then forward face at 15 months if you want. I think if I had another child, I'd consider getting this instead of an infant carrier first. It's simple to use and install and really does make it easier to get baby or toddler in their seat and fastened up. If parking in a supermarket car park, it makes it easier to get the baby out without the door being fully open. The fabrics are beautiful and soft so keeps them really comfortable, even on longer journeys. It has multiple recline positions so nap times are sorted and they're kept comfier.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Charlotte: I would choose this product above overs as it’s a lovely seat and makes life as a mum a lot easier being able to spin and all it’s reclining positions. It’s very easy to use and the colours are lovely I love the padded headrest really supports the child’s head so doesn’t flop as I hate a floppy head on my child. All in all a fantastic product.

Samantha: I really like the Maxi Cosi Mica and if I had been choosing a car seat when my son was younger, I would buy this car seat. It is an i-size seat, easy to install and rotates. It has all things that I would be looking for in a car seat. However, as my son is already not far off 18kg and he is only two, so I would not buy this seat for him now as he would outgrow it too soon. However, this is the case for most seats with harnesses especially when rear-facing. I really like Maxi Cosi as a brand and that would also influence my choice as I would feel confident buying a car seat from them as I feel that they are a company that produces safe car seats.

Kelly: One of the best things about the Mica is that it's quite compact in comparison to other spin seats I've seen. This means it should fit in most cars and be able to be swapped to mum's, dad's or grandparent's cars easily. The install is simple with the ISOFIX and support leg. I love that you can rear face until 4 and would hope to have it in that position the whole time. The harness pads and seat are lovely and padded to keep them comfortable and you can have them reclined if necessary. I think I would always look for a spin seat for younger children now as it makes life so much easier getting them in and out of the car.

What changes would you make to this product?

Charlotte: If I was to change anything about this product it would be For the seat to last longer as in a child’s age or weight as it’s quite expensive so for the seat to last a child a lot longer would be fantastic and get more use from the product and maybe parents would feel the need to buy as would last longer as I look to see how long the seat would last my child and the price I would be paying.

Samantha: I would love it if the Maxi Cosi Mica could be suitable for over 18kg, however I know that this is very difficult when using Isofix due to the weight limits on the Isofix bars. I am very keen on extended rear-facing seats because I know that it is proven to be safer than forward-facing in a collision. Other than that, I love all the features and find it very easy to install and use.

Kelly: Possibly the only things that I would change about the Mica is to make the top harness height slightly higher to cater for tall children and maybe moving the swivel button onto the side to make it easier to get to. But other than its a really great seat - simple to install, comfortable for the child, and easy to operate and get them in and out on a daily basis!

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