Nuna Arra Review

from Nuna
RRP £350
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by Maria Martin |

The Nuna Arra newborn car seat provides a smooth transition from crib to infant carrier. Its three recline positions allow baby to lie comfortably, whether Arra is buckled in the backseat or attached to a pushchair.

It’s i-Size-approved and lightweight, weighing just 3.9 kg (without insert or canopy). Doubling as a car seat and a carry cot, this reclining carrier means that even though life doesn’t stop, their sleep doesn’t have to either.

We spoke to these real mum testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jess Banks says: "The ease of unloading and loading my daughter using the Isofix base is really important. I believe you can also get adaptors to fit onto most pushchairs which would make quick shopping trips really easy. My daughter was incredibly comfy in the seat which made long journeys easy as she was happy. The harness was also simple to clip and unclip."

Helen Broe says: "This car seat allows your baby to be in a reclined mode which is safer for them when travelling which is the most ergonomic position. Seeing as my baby loves the motion of the car she spends most of her time asleep in it so this is great for us. The leather handle is easy to grip and makes it look classy."

Emily Farmery says: "This is a great car seat, nice and light, easy to install and a smart design. There was no need to use the instructions, the base was easy to fix in my car and the security features to confirm you have fitted it correctly were really reassuring. The car seat slots easily into the base and feels really secure so no time is wasted double checking it's secure."

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Amy Goddard says: "I love the design of the car seat, but I doubt that I would recommend the car seat. I do not believe that it is value for money or worth the full cost. It is light weight, so would be suited to people who are unable to lift heavier weights, maybe those with varying health conditions. Although the car seat can recline, I think that encourages parents to let the babies sleep in the car seat which is not advised."

Chloe Hopkin says: "I would recommend this car seat to a friend or fellow mum as I think it's really stylish and looks expensive. As mentioned above the reclining feature is also really useful. I also like that the car seat is really light weight, making it easy to carry from my 4th floor flat all the way down to the car."

Charlotte Hunt says: "I would recommend this to a friend due to the lightweight of the seat unit and the ease of use for the isofix base. I also liked the fabrics used for the padded cushions and the memory foam elements of the head piece. The handle shape on the car seat also made it comfortable to carry and the materials used for the hand piece were different to other car seats."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Clare Kophamel says: "I would not choose this product to win above all others on the market simply because of the price. Although I think it has some very useful features and is stylish, I think there are other car seats on the market that are better value for money. A draw back with the Arra I found was that it seemed to have less room for baby than our current cars eat and car seats we have used in the past. My baby seemed more squashed and I don’t think it would last her as long as our current Maxi Cosi. Another drawback of the product is the metal bar makes the car seat quite uncomfortable to carry when hooking it on your arm and this is noticeable even after carrying a short distance."

Danielle Smith says: "Although, I really like this car seat – the look, the quality of the materials used and the reclining feature, I found the release button extremely difficult to use. I found it very stiff and had to call on my husband quite a number of times to help recline the seat/release the car seat from the Isofix car base. This is a problem that I don’t seem to have with the other car seats I have used. I also feel that when the car seat is in an upright position, my baby looks uncomfortable, despite following all of the guidance and instructions in the booklet. My baby also displayed signs of being uncomfortable and cried often when placed into the car seat. On a positive note, she did not seem uncomfortable when the seat was reclined. Again, my baby does not usually cry when placed into her usual car seat."

Jess Banks says: "I would choose this product for the side impact protection and the quality feel of the product. The seat was really comfy for my daughter and I liked the small touches like the soft shoulder pads and extending canopy. The reclining feature was a big plus point for me as I felt happier for my daughter to sleep in that position on long journeys."

What changes would you make to this product?

Helen Broe says: "Personally I like the charcoal colour but perhaps there could be a range of colours. I have also found it hard to see if it would fit on my Joolz Day pushchair. The cover is clumsy to pull back if you are not using the sun shade. As the product is new I will expect to see lots of these about as people discover how great they are."

Emily Farmery says: "I love that this chair has a reclined feature however I wish the chair itself was not so reclined when it is fitted as a car seat. My baby is 6 months now and dislikes being reclined. I'm sure as a new born he would have been comfortable like this but as he grows and wants to sit more upright I would love the seat to be able to do this as they change."

Amy Goddard says: "The price would be one as for £350 as a Mum of two this would be a lot of money to spend out on a car seat to only be used in the first stage of the babies life, I would want something that would last at least the first year, which is the other thing I would change the ability to have the product last longer, the design of this is fabulous to be able to lie the child flatter when asleep which does help."