Silver Cross Motion Review

from Silver Cross
RRP £350
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

Silver Cross' Motion car seat is an ideal seat as you can adjust the seat as they're growing. Made from the softest bamboo fabrics to provide comfort for your baby, you can feel assured that the Motion will go above and beyond with an easy lock Isofix system, and recline and 360 rotation settings.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Meg: I really like the 360 rotation. It makes life so much easier when getting the baby in and out of the car. Once set up in the car, the car seat feels very secure and safe, the side impacts are an extra peace of mind that your child will have extra protection in the event of a car accident.

Sadie-Jade: This product is absolutely amazing. I’m very biased as I adore Silver Cross and their products, but this seat is fab. It’s so easy and fast to put your tot in and the rotate option is brilliant, you can put it in either rear or forward-facing with a click of a button. I tried this seat with both my 5-month-old and my 22-month-old and they both fit in perfectly and comfortably.

Alexandra: The swivel function on the car seat I find is a game-changer, I would not buy a static seat again as it makes it so much easier to place baby or heavy toddler in and out of the car without twisting your back. It is so smooth and makes buckling in and adjusting the straps much easier than a regular car seat.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sophie: I would recommend this product for sure due to the swivel function being so useful and a game-changer for parents! I also would recommend it because of the safe and comfortable feel of the fabric. It felt like a luxurious and high-quality product for sure. The design was far nicer than some other competitors in the market too.

Abigail: I would recommend this to a fellow mum because it feels so safe and secure which is my highest priority in a car seat. Safety is an absolute must and this car seat feels so safe I’m very impressed. The seat is very comfortable and my little girl was excited to use it, preferring it to her usual seat. The swivel feature is an absolute lifesaver, making it so much easier to lift a toddler in and out. It was easy enough to fit into the car, I did it without the instructions because at first, I didn’t think it came with any. I later found that there was a secret compartment underneath the base that held the instructions. Maybe this should be made clearer to customers who purchase this seat. It was a right squeeze to actually get into my car, I had to climb in and slowly myself in between the car seat and the front seat to push the clips into the Isofix fittings. I am quite a petite lady so this may be more of a struggle even for a normal-sized person.

Ellice: The car seat looked so comfortable for my toddler, it has fantastic recliner settings. Having the spin option makes it incredibly easy to get your baby or toddler in and out of the car. The straps were easy to fit and tighten, as well as looking padded and snug. Extremely easy to install into the car, making it easy if you need to swap it into a partner's car.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: I am in love with this car seat. I couldn’t believe my luck when I got assigned to test it. Everything from the way it looks to how easy it works is amazing. The installation was a 5-minute job and we didn’t really need the instructions to do that (of course we checked afterwards if we have done it right.) The material is so soft and the way it’s made, it just seems so comfortable to the point where I wish I was small enough to try it. My girl is very comfortable and secure in it. I am actually feeling secure enough to turn it forward-facing very soon as I think she will enjoy the car rides even more. She is happy to be in it on longer journeys as well. When you’re a new parent, you don’t know a lot of things, so I wish I knew more about Silver Cross car seats first time round. But you live and learn!

Amy: After having my other brand of 360 spin car seat, which is priced lower and my little one looks comfier, I would probably wouldn’t choose this particular brand. Like I said, previously my little boy is under the weight restriction and still seemed big for the car seat. I do think the little details on the design make it look high end and nice. Also, it was extremely easy to install so there are some points that make it stand out however I wouldn’t agree for it to win as I do think other very similar products are better.

Paula: Having tested this seat I would definitely buy it over other leading brands but if testing wasn’t an option then I would be swayed towards a cheaper one. Other leading brands do everything this one does and can be £100+less. I love that it locks midway so it doesn't move whilst you put your baby. Do I think this should be the car seat of the year? Yes, I do!

What changes would you make to this product?

Alexandra: This seat is from birth to 4 years of age, I would still prefer to use a 0+ car seat for my newborn as it can be removed and attached to my pushchair. This means I can transfer my baby from the car to the pushchair without disturbing their sleep. So, I would therefore only use the seat from when my baby was around 1 year old thus making the price quite expensive for a product that would need to be replaced in 3 years.

Meg: I can’t think of anything I really dislike about this car seat. The only downside is the seat is quite heavy, I personally needed help fitting it into my car. Once in there were no problems and I was very happy how safe my child looked once strapped in. Other than that I really cannot find fault with any other aspect.

Abigail: The only thing I would change is the recline function being able to be used whilst the seat is rear-facing. The risk of waking a sleeping baby is too high in my opinion to swivel, then recline and swivel back to click into place. I did try and recline whilst the seat was rear-facing but the plastic base was in the way and almost trapped my hand. That’s when I noticed the sign on the plastic stating the seat must be swivelled 180 to then recline. It’s also quite a lot of money for a car seat but taking into account the brand popularity and the quality it’s probably about right. Other than that, it’s perfect!

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