Jacqueline Jossa’s garden set up to help her kids survive the heatwave

Jac Jossa garden heatwave

by Eleanor Weaver |

With summer in full force, we're looking for all the inspiration we can find to keep cool all summer long. And with the current heatwave hitting the UK, celebs have taken to social media to show how they're dealing with the soring temperatures. Jacqueline Jossa, former soap star and Queen of the Jungle, shared her garden set up on Instagram to help keep her and her family feeling cool. It's fair to say, we're envious!

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One of the best ways to keep refreshed is to take a dip in cold water. The mum of two has repurposed her Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii Hot Tub and turned it into a 'cold tub' for the season. Daughters Ella and Mia have had fun playing and Jac and her husband Dan Osbourne have enjoyed the cold water as well.

Lay-Z-Spa cold tub
©JacJossa/ Instagram

Taking a dip herself, Jac said in her Instagram stories, "In the cold tub, its actually freezing! It's like an ice box... but it's nice."

Jac also wrote, "Beautiful day in the sun, I had a moment to myself while the kids were at school and then back home to chill in the cold tub, keeping the kids cool."

She's also treated her daughters to a twin sun lounger, complete with a sun canopy to keep off the harsh UV rays when relaxing in the garden and cup holders to hold their bottled drinks - an essential for the summer.

sun lounger set-up
©JacJossa/ Instagram

If you'd like to create a cool oasis for you and the kids too this summer, fortunately, you can buy all of Jac's exact garden must-haves on Amazon with delivery in a matter of days. Perfect for surviving the rest of the summer and summers for years to come.

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Shop Jac Jossa's garden set up:

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If you have a smaller garden or are looking for some similar items at a slightly more affordable price, you can pick up some Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs and kids' sun loungers on deal right now.

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If you only have one child or want to give your kids a sun lounger of their own, this single alternative to the KidKraft sun lounger is a more affordable choice.

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This one comes without sun protection, so we'd recommend placing it under an umbrella or in a shady spot in your garden.

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