Everything you need to know about Nala’s Baby: the new baby skincare range by co-parents Krept and Sasha

Nala's baby

by Lily Anderson |

UK rapper and broadcaster Casyo 'Krept' Johnson and influencer Sasha Ellese Gilbert welcomed their daughter Nala into the world back in 2020. When Sasha was pregnant, she was concerned about the potential harm skincare could cause her and her baby, starting the pair on their journey to launch baby skincare range - Nala's Baby.

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If like Krept and Sasha, you're shocked to discover how many potentially harmful ingredients are included in products, you'll love how this new range features 99 per cent naturally derived ingredients such as oats, coconut, aloe, lavender and more.

Designed to be inclusive for all skin types, all products are proudly dermatologist-approved, paediatrician-approved, cruelty-free, vegan, eczema-friendly, tear-free, fully recyclable and made in Britain.

We had the chance to catch up with Krept and Sasha to find out what makes Nala's Baby so unique and get to the bottom of how they envision Nala's Baby being useful for parents.

What was the inspiration behind Nala’s Baby?

Sasha: "During my pregnancy, I was very cautious about absolutely everything, down to what I was eating and putting on my own skin. We began to receive hampers from friends with baby products, and we had so many different choices to go by, then someone recommended the ‘Think Dirty’ app, which rates products from zero to 10 on how clean or dirty they are - zero being the cleanest and 10 being full of chemicals. We started to scan all these products and those that were in our local retailers, and we realised all the products we were getting weren’t as baby-friendly as they should be, even though some bottles said they were natural. Having read what was in the ingredients, we didn’t feel comfortable using them and felt there was a space for us to create a natural product, and did exactly what it said on the bottle - one that parents could trust and was within a good price range too. There are so many products out there that are great and have a ‘zero rating’, but the price point isn’t achievable for everyone. So it was just us being cautious parents."

What’s your favourite product from the range?

Sasha: "Mine is the body butter. I’m just in love with it: the texture of it, it’s thick and creamy, and I love thick and creamy textures. The smell is also incredible, and when we went to the factory to see them getting made and they were all in the pots getting mixed and it just smelled incredible. It also works well on Nala’s skin. She has eczema, and when we use the body butter, I notice a big difference in her skin."

Krept: "My favourite for Nala is the body butter for what it’s done for her skin. When you watch your child scratch and itching and then to be able to give her a product, and now I haven’t seen her do that in the last couple of weeks, it was like this is incredible. My personal favourite is weird because it’s not one it’s two. I mix the oil and lotion or oil and butter together - I make my own concoction, and that is my little combination."

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Prices start from £5.50, Nala’s Baby is available in Boots stores nationwide and available to purchase online at www.boots.com and www.nalasbaby.com. Check out our favourite items from the collection below and keep reading to find out more about Nala's Baby from Krept and Sasha.

Nala's Baby Conditioner 200ml

Nala's Baby Conditioner 200ml

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The Black-owned brand is the first skincare range to include educational augmented reality functionality. Scannable via a QR code, this tool is designed to educate parents and distract children when get are having lotion applied or nappies changed.

So while using this conditioner, the interactive world takes children on a journey through the jungle, meeting Nala’s friends Oscar the Night Owl, Sheddy the Snake, Lenny the Lizard, Mimi the Monkey, Harper the Hippo and Eliza the Elephant, who explain the benefits of natural ingredients on the skin.

Nala's Baby Body Wash & Shampoo 200ml

Nala's Baby Body Wash & Shampoo 200ml

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Suitable for newborns upwards: this body wash and shampoo product is the perfect bathtime product. As well as being super moisturising, it's ideal for little ones with sensitive skin or skin prone to eczema. But the benefits don't stop there - it also has a tear-free formula for your baby's maximum comfort.

Nala's Baby Body Butter

Nala's Baby Body Butter

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We're not surprised that Sasha's favourite item from the baby skincare range has already sold out. Make sure to add this item to your wishlist so you'll be notified when it's back in stock.

But it's not just the body butter that has flown off the shelf - the rest of Nala's Baby products are also out of stock. If you've not had a chance to buy this range for your little cub, we'll be updating this article regularly, so make sure you bookmark this page. Until then…

What makes Nala’s Baby unique from other baby skincare brands currently available?

Krept: "The zero-rating is one of our major ones. It’s always good getting an independent third party that has no ties to you that verifies millions of products, to then go and do their due diligence on yours and give their actual true rating into a product. We also wanted to push the natural percentage as well, and each product is made from 99 per cent naturally derived ingredients, which no one else has got. Then there were little things like to make your product foam, you need a foaming agent, but the majority of those aren’t natural. But we found a plant called a quillaja plant, which is a natural foaming agent, and we added that in. We needed to tick all of the boxes; we needed to be dermatology-approved, paediatrician-approved, tear-free, vegan, alcohol-free, suitable for sensitive skin, suitable for eczema, be free from parabens, sulphates, and all harmful toxins. We completely changed the products’ designs so that the packaging is completely recyclable because initially, only the bottom part of the bottles was. Then we wanted to be as ethical as we could as well, so everything’s made in Britain. Pricewise, we wanted it to be accessible because everything good for you is expensive. The icing on the cake though was adding the augmented reality on the bottles, so you scan the QR code, and this whole cartoon comes up of Nala, and she educates you on all the ingredients in the products."

How do you envision Nala’s Baby being useful for parents?

Krept: "As a parent, it’s always hard to find a brand that you can actually trust because we found out that you only need two per cent naturally derived ingredients in a product to say the word ‘natural’, so there are brands out there that have minor natural ingredients and then they’ll run around saying ‘natural, natural’ because they can. Whereas we wanted to make everything transparent, that’s why we have the percentages on there, and we’re shouting about every single ingredient. We put our ingredients out there individually on an application so that you can see how clean and how dirty each ingredient is. For us to take that step and do that, I feel like we’re letting parents know that we’re not hiding anything from you. We want you to be able to trust and fully be able to rely on a brand that isn’t going to harm you or your kid from now and in the future. We want to be that brand that parents can go to where they trust everything that comes from this brand, and creating that thing for parents is a great feeling."

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