Tom Daley reveals the 6 products that are always in his baby changing bag

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When packing your baby changing bag it is easy to feel overwhelmed and to stuff it to the brim with every parenting item you've ever owned.

We have given you our hospital bag checklist but now, new father Tom Daley who previously talked to us about everything from his son Robbie Ray to surrogacy to parenting advice gives us the scoop on what essentials he always packs in his changing bag.

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"Before Lance and I became Dads, we thought we’d need everything but the kitchen sink when it came to an outing with baby Robbie, but as time went on and we’ve settled in as a family, we’ve realised you really don’t need that much at all!" Tom Daley tells Mother & Baby.

"We now take just the essentials, but they really are essentials things we definitely couldn’t be without."

Tom Daley's changing bag essentials:

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Red Castle Cocoonababy
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1) Red Castle Cocoonababy

It doesn’t quite fit in the changing bag, but we really wouldn’t be without the Red Castle Cocoonababy! It’s so handy when we’re on the go with Robbie and he can still sleep comfortably on any surface. It’s super lightweight and supports the natural curve of his body for a better and deeper sleep.

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