Babymoov Le Sancy Backpack Review

from Babymoov
RRP £90
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

Babymoov's Le Sancy Backpack is a high quality, expandable baby changing bag which is made with water-repellent materials so it's perfect for the whole family all year round. You know it's a good one with its several compartments for storage and that it comes with a detachable waterproof changing mat!

How did this product make your life easier?

Navara: This is an excellent changing bag and is of very high quality. There are multiple compartments that are easily accessible. One of the features I really liked is the adjustable bag capacity. The material is of very good quality and is water repellent. The bag is very comfortable to carry and there are pushchair clips included which makes life so much easier. There is also a detachable waterproof changing mat in the front pocket.

Sarah: This changing bag makes life easier as a mum because it has multiple compartments which allows you to organise the baby bits. There is an easy to access compartment on the front with a changing mat and three inner pockets for changing supplies within this front pocket and furthermore an easy to access insulated pocket on the back. These two easy to access pockets make it quick and easy to find probably the two most frequently used groups of items required for baby quickly and hassle-free. I also especially liked the fact that this changing bag was designed as a backpack which allowed me to be handsfree, and that the backpack straps had stroller clips. The back of the back pack was padded which made it comfortable to wear.

Victoria: This changing bag is very easy to use and it has a number of useful features. One of the most useful features of this changing bag is the insulated compartment in the back of the bag. This has been very useful when keeping items cool or hot for a long period of time. The bottle holders on the sides of the bag are also very accessible and make life much easier when grabbing a bottle for a hungry baby.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Holly: I would definitely recommend this bag. It looks really good, the shoulder straps are nice and wide as well as being well-padded meaning it is really comfy to wear. There are also lots of giving in the straps meaning both myself and my partner can carry it comfortably. The insulated pocket is also nice and large, well big enough to keep an ice pack in during the recent hot weather.

Rebecca: I would recommend this product because it is very easy to use and easily holds everything you need to take your baby out for the day. It is very stylish and, unlike many other changing bags, does not look like a changing bag. I really like that you are able to choose from a range of colours. So many changing bags are simply black or grey. The bag itself is very light too. It is easy to attach to the pram handlebars and is comfortable to wear on your back. The insulated pouch is very big and can hold several bottles at once. This is particularly handy if you have more than one child. The pocket on the front makes it very easy to access everything you need to change the babies nappy when out. The clip for your keys is a great addition as it is so easy to lose your keys at the bottom of the bag. Having them easily accessible is excellent. Other helpful extras are included such as terry cloth and dummy pouch/coin purse.

Hannah: I have been using this changing bag for a few weeks now and I absolutely love its stylish yet incredibly ergonomic design. It is a spacious bag with good capacity with a wide opening zip that allows me to easily store (and find!) clothing for both my baby and pre-schooler. There is easy access changing compartment at the front with a changing mat that is the perfect fit. There are multiple pockets to store nappies, wipes, and bags. There is a large insulated compartment at the back for storing food. I am able to easily fit multiple packed lunches. It is also waterproof and easy to wipe clean. I really love that this bag came with a lovely soft towel and a small purse inside to keep a dummy or small items like emergency money/coins etc. It also has several inside pockets that zip up for storing keys. Finally, I love the stylish design and the bag itself has very comfortable straps, seems very durable and well made. With a lifetime guarantee, I feel very happy this bag will last.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lindsay: I think backpack changing bags are much more practical than shoulder bags. I liked the space available in this bag and the fact it could be adjusted. It also liked the design - it is smart and does not look specifically like a changing bag so could be used for other purposes when no longer needed as a changing bag. I liked the smaller pouch at the front which gave quick access to smaller items such as a toy or muslin.

Holly: If budget was no option I would definitely consider buying this bag as I love the design and think it has been well thought out as well as being stylish and comfortable. It is, however, a LOT of money to spend on a changing bag, especially as some of the softer areas do show up the dirt quite quickly. If this was my first baby and I knew I would be having more than one I would definitely think it was worth the money.

Rebecca: Whilst this product is expensive compared to some others available on the market, I would not hesitate to purchase it. I truly believe it is worth every penny. It is stylish and comes in a range of colours. It is deceptively large and has plenty of pockets, including a very large insulated pouch for bottles which is easy to access. It comes with additional features that others don’t such as the changing mat, terry cloth, and pouch. As a first-time mum you don’t realise you need these until you start using them. It is comfortable to carry on your back and quite light too. Unlike other changing bags I have used, you are able to open and close all compartments with one hand. This is an absolute must-have for me! The only two negatives that I have found that there is some colour transfer from clothes onto the bag and it is impossible to put a water bottle on the side of the bag using the elastic straps as there is nothing to support the bottom of the bottle.

What changes would you make to this product?

Heather: I would personally change the elastic straps on the side of the bag to external pockets to make them more functional. I would also enlarge the zipped section so that it can hold a larger purse/phone and keys for parents. I would also have the changing section at the front expand outwards rather than into the main body of the bag as when the cool section and changing section are filled the main body of the bag becomes quite narrow!

Victoria: The bag is amazing and I have already recommended it to other mums but I find the price is quite a lot for my budget. However, I feel for the quality you get the price is right so I cannot fault it really. When you get the bag you will notice the quality of the material, zips, straps, and lining are really good and long-lasting. You will have this bag for years and years!

Navara: This is an expensive changing bag however, personally I do feel that it is worth the money. There are, however, only 3 colours available which are blue, grey and yellow. It would be useful to have more colour choices. I have a yellow bag and it is a really lovely colour and it looks extremely stylish.