Bubble and Pop Baby Changing Bag Review

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bubble and pop
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by Mother & Baby |

Bubble and Pop Baby Changing Bag at a glance:

The Bubble & Pop baby changing bag features a unique pocket labelling system that you can personalise to suit you and your baby's individual needs. It zips all the way down at the front for easy access and with no less than 12 pockets, it fits absolutely everything you need when you're out and about with baby. It also comes with a foldable changing mat, stroller clips to suit any buggy and a padded shoulder strap. Featuring bold, vibrant prints and bright colours this baby bag will put a smile on your face while helping you stay super organised.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: It's much easier for organising - using the labels that come with the bag make it a lot easier to grab what you need rather than rummaging through the bag looking for it. This has resulted in me being able to do a nappy change much quicker when out as I'm not looking through all the pockets guessing where everything is. The 12 pockets really make all the difference for the organisation of everything you may need along with this. I now use this bag over my original changing bag. The changing mat included is handy as it folds away to be easily stored in the bag and matches the design on the bag.

Lucy: I think this bag is great! It's really cleverly designed - it opens up fully to make it really easy to pack and find what you are looking for when you are out and about. There are loads of pockets so it's very easy to compartmentalise all the different things that you need. It comes with typed labels which are very neat - they also prevent my partner from asking me a thousand times where something is! It also comes with multiple straps - one long one for wearing over the shoulder, two handles to carry and then straps to attach it to a pram - which means I can easily carry it in whatever way is most comfortable at the time. I can definitely find things more quickly when I use this bag. I no longer need to pack/unpack the changing bag multiple times as it's very easy to see what is in there and what I need to stock up.

Katy: The space and the multiple pockets make it incredibly easy to stay organised and grab whatever it is you need. You are able to pack lots without the bag being too full to function correctly. The sturdiness and quality of the material really helps you when you only have one hand free as the bag doesn’t flop all over the place.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Christine: The Bubble & Pop Changing Bag is a very stylish and functional changing bag. It has been thoughtfully designed with parents in mind, and we particularly appreciated the number of pockets (both inside and outside the bag) and the customisable labels provided which allow you to personalise your bag and help you find what you need quicker. Initially we thought the bag too bulky and large for our needs, as we are a family who is always on the go, instead we have found it particularly helpful to have a bag which can hold everything we need and more! The only downside is that it cannot be used as a rucksack, so we would not use the bag on trips outdoors with the carrier as it is too cumbersome.

Jessica: This bag was extremely easy to use. The organisation of the pockets, the changing mat being separate, the additional pockets on the sides and front were all very well thought out. This made my life easy when we were out and about because I was able to grab things when I needed them. Which is a stark difference to using a rucksack, because you have to rummage through them to find what you are after. The front of the bag is able to zip completely open. This was extremely useful in terms of being able to grab whatever you needed very quickly. Because of the addition of the extra pockets, I was able to use this bag as a handbag too. There was no need for me to take out a separate bag myself. This is also extremely useful in the world we live in now (throughout a pandemic.) With the additions of hang sanitiser, sterile wipes and masks, I was able to carry everything I needed with me that day. Downside - it is a very chunky bag.

Jennifer: I like this as a changing bag, it clips onto the buggy well, and is easy to find everything you are looking for. The colour I was sent wouldn’t be my first choice from the range, but I do like it. The zips feel a little precarious, and some of the stitching on the label pockets has come undone, but generally speaking it feels well put together and durable.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Sarah: I would choose this product due to how much easier it has made to going out with baby. The designs for the bags are very nice compared to other plain bags on the market, the pattern on the bag I tested appears to appeal to my baby. The choice of how to transport and carry the bag with the additional buggy clips and shoulder strap are extremely helpful. Very handy for mums who may need their purse, phone or keys and don't want to carry a handbag also. The 12 pockets make it so great for organising everything you need to take out with you.

Lucy: I think this is a brilliant bag and would be a worthy winner of the award. The main reason being the design of the bag - the fact it opens up fully and has so many pockets makes it so user friendly and practical. I can fit so much stuff in and still easily find what I'm looking for. The multiple straps means it is always easy to carry depending on whether I am using the buggy/carrier or just carrying my baby.

Jessica: I have really enjoyed using this product and have often chosen it over the rucksack style I previously bought. It allowed me to take everything I needed for that day out with me, without the fear or everything being packed away and having to struggle to move other items out of the way. I am not entirely sure that I would have brought this product over other styles, as the pattern might put me off. The colours used are beautiful but the patterns are a little busy for me. I would also consider how chunky it is compared to some of the market at the minute. The one thing that really makes this product stand out is the level of organisation you can achieve. For this alone, the designers should be commended. They have clearly spent a lot of time planning what it is exactly that parents need when going out and about.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katy: The only thing I would change on this product is the design. It is very cute but just not to my taste - I would prefer plain/neutral just to make the most out of it for my money. I would have also liked it to have included a thermal bottle holder or to change one of the pockets to thermal inside. The changing mat could be a bit more padded too for the cost.

Christine: A larger changing mat would be very useful when you have a wriggly baby on the move. My son no longer enjoys having his nappy changed and just wants to get moving. There can be a lot of pressure when changing him when out and about or at someone else’s home, to try and keep him, and any mess, on the changing mat. The mat also stains very easily which is a shame when you consider the price of the product.

Jennifer: I have seen other bags which come with a wetbag for reusable nappies or cloth wipes which would be useful, or indeed a packing cube for clothes. This would be a good extra. Higher quality zips would be better and better stitching on the label pockets would be better. Overall though I would recommend this bag.