LÄSSIG Green Label Goldie Diaper Backpack, Bouclé Review

from Lässig
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

If you're looking for a sustainable changing bag, the Green Label Goldie Diaper Backpack might be the one for you. Being 89% recycled polyester, which is made from recycled plastic bottles, with plenty of compartments inside to make things organised, you'll feel well-equipped and prepared for every time you leave the house.

How did this product make your life easier?

Gladys: I absolutely loved this bag. From the moment it arrived I knew we were a good match. It is the perfect mixture of stylish, sturdy, practicality and quality. What I love most is the way the main compartment opens right up giving a really clear view of what you have. Everything has a home. Love Love Love it! Even my husband wanted to nab it for himself.

Anna: This is a great changing bag for a parent with two small children. I can fit everything I need in this bag for a day out with my toddler and newborn. It is really helpful being able to use the bag as a backpack as it frees up my hands and it is also helpful to have the option to attach it to my pushchair at times where I don't want to carry it. The bag has a lot of pockets which has made it easier for me to find things in a hurry. The wet pouch has been helpful as I have been able to put damp items in there without the need to bring another bag and without worrying other things will get wet. The pocket at the front of the bag is perfect for my keys and phone and means that I can quickly access these things.

Eve: This product allows me to carry everything I need for my toddler in one stylish bag rather than two or more bags as I had been doing before. It carries handle options that make it convenient when juggling a giddy little boy and the matching changing mat is large enough for him even though he tall for 2 years old. The external pocket for me with phone and keys holders plus space for my purse and any other essentials is a nice touch that allows me to not need a separate handbag too!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Kerry: Not only would I recommend this bag to fellow mums but non-mum friends too have commented on how nice the bag is and how it is very roomy and looks amazing. I love the companies eco-friendly status and ethos, the bag is roomy with plenty of pockets. My favourite feature is the key clip this has made finding my keys much easier. The bag is a very well thought out product.

Navara: I would recommend this changing bag. It is very spacious but at the same time not too bulky. The material is of very good quality and I think it is a changing bag that will last many years. The compartments are spacious and the addition of the accessories such as the changing mat and bottle and food holders are in particular very good features.

Heather: Yes, the frame of the bag means that it opens really wide so it is easy to get into the bag and find what you need quickly. there are a few good-sized and handy pockets on the outside of the bag for carrying 'parent' items like phones/ keys etc and to keep some smaller toys/bibs etc handy. The bag has a really good storage capacity which is maximised by the removable pockets/bottle holder etc. The bag itself is good quality and the fabric feels very durable and strong.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lucy: Yes, I think so. It does seem quite pricey, but you get what you pay for and the bag is great quality. I think having the different carrying options is great and means the bag can be used in different ways so it’s very versatile. It is also a great looking bag and the material seems quite hard-wearing.

Heather: Yes I think overall this is an excellent bag. It is made of good quality and durable fabric. It has a really good storage capacity, which you can personalise to your needs with the use of the additional pockets/accessories. The frame allows the bag to open up wide which means that it is easy to find everything you need. The changing matt included is a good size so it is useful for changing babies beyond the newborn stage. The only negative really is that we received the beige bag which is aesthetically quite boring, although there are other colours available which might be more appealing (I haven't actually seen these in person - just online).

Shaheena: This product really improves my life. It has definitely made my life easier. It helps me to carry a lot of baby stuff around so that I can be at ease knowing that I have got all the stuff for the baby. Also, I don’t have to carry another bag and I can fit all the stuff in this bag. This product is versatile and also knowing that I carry this around makes me happy. It’s not bulky and has good shades of colours. I have been searching for a bag for a long time and am very happy being able to use this and review this. The quality is good and is quite durable. I’m able to change their nappy, and also reach out to get toys from the bag after using this bag.

What changes would you make to this product?

Eve: If I could change one thing I would have to say that it’s the price of this bag that is my main concern. I would really struggle to justify spending so much money on a changing bag when there are so many other things that I need to pay for. If money was no object then it is a really lovely and useful bag but it seems to be a high price to pay for it.

Kerry: The only aspect of the bag I would change the side pockets to have stretchy panels inserted so that when the bag is full they can still be used to carry bottles or mums water bottle as the pockets are hard to use if the bag is full. I would love the bag to come in other colours too, such as a dark navy or black just for options.

Gladys: I loved this bag and I could clearly see the pangs of jealousy on my husband's face when I opened it up - he was a little too keen and were it not for the gold zip pulls making it looks distinctly effeminate, I would have slept with it under my pillow to stop him nabbing it for his own. I think a leather zip pull would make it more unisex in feel but other than that, I really can't fault this product.