Mia Tui Jennie Travel Changing Bag Review

from Mia Tui
RRP £55
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

The Jennie Travel Changing Bag is the perfect changing bag, big enough for everything you need while looking super stylish. The beauty of this bag is you have a pocket on the back that slips over the handles of your suitcase, making it super easy to travel with, especially as it keeps your hands free for your baby or toddlers. The baby changing mat fits neatly inside the pockets and the buggy clips allow your changing bag to fit nicely on the handles of your buggy. This bag has a unique interior with multiple pockets, zips, clips, and extra bags, meaning you never have to dig for a missing key or dummy again.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: Well what can I say about this Travel Change bag other than its been a long time coming! The size of the bag is perfect to take on a plane and allows you to take plenty of baby supplies which are easy to find due to the design of the bag. A clear plastic bag that is perfect for creams etc up to 100ml, good to take through security. Two insulated bottle holders at either end of the bag so again, easy to find. The ease of having the changing bag in a separate pouch makes it so much easier to find, also you can pop a couple of nappies/wipes in there too! Overall this is a good size but due to the extra little bags, you don't lose items.

Megan: I love this bag! It is huge without appearing ungainly and fits easily on the pram or is easy to carry. The choice of colours is fantastic with one for all tastes- I found it really hard to choose and was so happy with the bag I received which was very true to the colour shown on the website. The best thing about the Mia Tui Jennie bag is the amount of thought that has gone into its design. There are two insulated bottle holders which are great if you are bottle feeding but also great to pop your own water/drink into. The little changing mat kit is fantastic, the zipped pouch contains a lightly padded mat which Is perfect to use on public changing tables or for an al fresco wild change, there are pockets for creams and wipes and room in the pouch for more nappies too. Very easy to grab when out and about. There are pockets for pens, an elastic clip for keys and compartments for everything meaning that even though you can fit everything in you can also find anything really easily.

Sam: The size of this bag is excellent. I love that the bag has extra little bags inside, including the one with the nappy changing mat which I have been keeping wipes and a couple of nappies in separately for ease. All of the little pockets have been helpful to keep things in their own little 'homes'. I have not been away whilst having this bag but knowing that when I do I'll be able to place it over the handle of my suitcase is great. The key clip is actually what I need as I'm always losing my keys in my bag and this is a large bag to lose them in! Secondly, the buggy clips. Although I have a large enough basket on my pushchair to place the bag, I really like that I can hang it from the handle of my pushchair to make finding items even faster and much easier! Finally, the separate sections, especially for my mobile phone, as with my keys I am always looking for it in my bag.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Leanne: I would recommend this product to other mums because of the size of the bag, and the variety of colours on offer. I loved the extra bags that came with the bag so that you are able to keep everything organised and because of the size of the bag they fit nicely inside with easy access to everything. I also like the studs at the bottom of the bag so that if the floor is wet or dirty it doesn't damage the bottom of the bag.

Paula: You can fit everything you need in this bag plus more. This is the only bag you will ever need to take out with you. It has insulated bottle holders, pockets for nappies, changing mat that comes in a very colourful zipped bag that also has pockets. It has a phone and pen pocket and a clip to attach your keys so you will never misplace them again. It also comes with a matching clutch bag with a wrist and shoulder strap. It has a clear plastic medical bag for plasters etc. if traveling abroad it has a pocket on the back that slips over the handle on your suitcase. It also has a little zip on it which would be good to put your passports in it. The bag itself is a lovely light material and it comes in a variety of colours. It also has buggy clips so it can be attached to your prams handlebars.

Siobhan: I would recommend this product because it is so well organised. There are numerous pockets meaning that it is really easy to organise the bag with all of the bits and bobs you need when taking a baby out and about. There are enough pockets for everything without being too many for you to ever find anything. It is stylish and for me made it feel like I was carrying a handbag just like I would have done before having my little boy.

Would you choose this product to win?

Katie: I would choose this bag as it wins in terms of practicality and style. The changing mat is ingenious as it has pockets for the storing of wipes but because it folds outwards as well you get a bit more space to change a wriggling baby. I will continue to use it when my son is older as a work or weekend bag.

Alexandra: If you don't want a bag that is immediately recognisable as a nappy bag which you can use for other things in years to come then this is a bag for you. The extra straps for attaching it to the pram are easily removable when you are passed this stage. It has more capacity, extra bags and internal pockets than any other bag. The bright coloured lining makes it easier to find things inside.

Paula: This stands out over the rest because of how light, stylish and practical it is. I love this bag because of how much I can fit it in. I love that it comes with other little clutch bags and travel changing mat. Every mum's needs are different and I feel this bag caters to all. I like things to match and the colours this bag comes in would match a variety of prams

What changes would you make to this product?

Sarah: It's hard to say where this Travel Change bag could improve due to it currently ticking so many positive boxes. I must say I do like leather bags and although not always practical for a Change Bag, especially a travel one, it would be lovely to see this made in leather, although for the size would significant increase the price. However, It could be marketed as a more 'luxury' top-end Travel Change bag.

Megan: This is a very minor thing as honestly I love this bag so much and it is so much better than all the other bags I have seen. When it rains heavily there is a small gap at the end of the zip both ends which lets the water in. We bought a dry bag and just chuck the bag in there when it rains to stop things getting damp but this means we can’t hang it on the buggy anymore so maybe a way of stopping that area leaking or a rain cover? But honestly, it is great as it is too.

Sam: The one thing that I would change about the Jennie Travel Changing Bag would be the interior colour. In my opinion, the turquoise is far too loud and it doesn't really work very well with the tan colour of the bag that I have. Personally I think black would have been a much nicer, much more neutral colour to use.