Skip Hop Greenwich Convertible Backpack Review

from Skip Hop
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by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |

At a glance:

The Greenwich Simply Chic changing backpack claims to offer laidback luxury for the effortlessly chic mama. It is made of durable, wipe-clean faux leather. With earthy colours and clean lines, it features multiple pockets for ultimate organisation. Like many of their stylish baby bags, it comes with a cushioned changing pad for convenience. It has nine pockets including a large zippered main compartment, front and side zip pockets, adjustable straps, a convenient top handle and it hangs neatly on a stroller with the included stroller straps.

How did this product make your life easier?

Joanne: It is brilliant having the changing mat included with the bag. I really appreciated the ability to use the bag as either a pushchair bag, shoulder bag or backpack. It is also a good size and depth, which meant finding things was much easier than in my conventional backpack. The internal pockets and zip section were also handy for quick access to snacks for my little one or my property.

Amy: I love this bag and how big it is. I managed to get everything for a day out with my little one ib this bag that included spare clothes, wipes, nappies, bottles and snacks, and the all-important toys. I also like the look of this bag looks more like a handbag than a changing bag so very stylish and modern.

Louise: I love this changing bag! It looks stylish, can be carried in 2 ways (backpack or crossbody) or can be attached to any pram or buggy with the stroller straps. It has plenty of space and pockets, including 2 side pockets for bottles which means you can take everything you need for baby in the one bag.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Sarah: This bag is stylish and looks more expensive than it is. It's very roomy and you can get everything you need in the bag (even with twins and two older children). you can easily find what you need in the bag even when its full and so it makes it ideal for busy mums on the go. It's comfy to wear as a backpack and can be wiped clean when it gets dirty.

Dawn: I would 100% recommend the Greenwich Convertible Backpack to anyone who would listen! While testing it out and about I have had so many compliments on it, and have been repeatedly asked where they can get their own. It is so practical, and the interchangeable straps are such a good feature which none of my previous change bags have offered.

Danielle: My first attraction to this diaper bag was the colour and tassel! One can tell immediately that it is also excellent quality and likely to last long. I have been stopped a few times and asked where I got the bag and complimented. The luxe vegan material is very easy to clean. Which is a massive positive for me as the bag has been smudged a few times with chocolate fingers! My toddler is 2.5 years and we took this bag out for the first time on a weekend trip to a theme park. I was impressed by how much I could fit into the main compartment and considering we are in the middle of potty training, I needed to fit 5 outfits, extra pants, and socks and I did this easily. Since its first outing, it’s become our daily outing bag with fewer clothes and more snacks! It is incredibly convenient that I could pop this bag on my back and easily hold my toddler whilst he walks and when he gets tired and want to be carried, this is no problem too as I have my hands free!

Would you choose this product to win?

Israa: The bag is large and sturdy and vegan-friendly (if that’s important to you) it has lots of space and Is easy to use, either as a backpack, strap or hooked on the pram. It’s great that there are insulated side pockets and a separate pocket for the machine-washable changing mat. I didn’t like that the magnetic flap wasn’t as wide as the bag, as there’s potential for things to get wet. Nor did I like the design – it wasn’t contemporary, it was fairly rigid, my husband didn’t want to use it (very much designed with women in mind, and at the weekends, my husband is a parent too!). I hated the tassle, but that’s personal preference. The lack of padding on the straps was a huge oversight.

Louise: Yes this changing bag should win for the reasons stated above, it’s a stylish bag which looks great, the flexibility of how to use it - the 2 ways to carry or clipped onto your pram. The bag is also well made and feels a quality product and well designed. The design of it makes it feel like a luxury bag, rather than a traditional changing bag which can be rather plain.

F: It is very helpful that the cover is easily folded, and what makes it even more convenient is the use of magnets flip and folds very easy, very well thought of in new mother’s busy life, who has time to zipping or unzip, magnets are my best feature! The back straps for wearing backpacks or hang on the buggy is also practical.

What changes would you make to this product?

Amy: If I could change one thing about the bag would be that it that it is one big compartment sp would be better if it had sectioned parts in it but I got around that by putting a handbag organiser in it. It is also a light colour so does get dirty quite quickly so if it came in different colours that would also be good.

Joanne: Make it waterproof. The fact this bag does not protect your stuff from the elements is a real let down. We got caught in a rain shower and as there is no cover for the side pockets and the zip to the main compartment doesn't go the whole way across the bag, everything inside was soaked as the rain could enter through the gaps. This is the main disappointment for me with this bag.

Sarah: The only negative for this bag is that when it is worn as a backpack the straps had a tendency to slide when I was putting on the backpack and so I would end up with the bag being a bit lopsided. It was hard to adjust when on your back and so you would have to take the bag off to adjust it. This is the only aspect I feel needs to be improved.

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