Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Changing Backpack Review

from Skip Hop
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by Catriona Watson |

At a glance:

The Greenwich Simply Chic changing backpack claims to offer laidback luxury for the effortlessly chic mama. It is made of durable, wipe-clean faux leather. With earthy colours and clean lines, it features multiple pockets for ultimate organisation. Like many of their stylish baby bags, it comes with a cushioned changing pad for convenience. It has nine pockets including a large zippered main compartment, front and side zip pockets, adjustable straps, a convenient top handle and it hangs neatly on a stroller with the included stroller straps.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Julie: Lovely rose gold zips and finishes. Great quality bag, loved the backpack design and being hands-free. Loads of space to carry everything needed for a day out. The design and quality feel great and hard wearing. The changing mat is a nice addition and of good quality. Overall, it is a nice stylish bag.

Sophia: This bag is brilliant. It is a really good size and fits in everything I need for a day out. It has good compartments including one to store changing mat separately at the back and a zip-up pocket at the front to keep my bits (keys/purse) separate. It is comfortable to carry on my back, but the pram clips are also handy. It is easy to clean and looks really good!

Beth: The Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Changing Backpack is a great quality bag. It's is a substantial size and very stylish. It is very hard wearing and comfortable on your back if you haven't got it hooked on the pushchair. The changing mat is a good size and the bag has plenty of pockets to store personal belongings as well as the baby's belongings.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sahra: A versatile bag that can go on your back but also has handy clips to allow it to go on any buggy. It has multiple compartments that help organise your bag. The bottle compartment can be used for wipes as well. In addition, it is very stylish so makes you feel less like you are carrying a nappy bag around!

Fay: The Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Changing Backpack, make life easier as a mum as there are lots of spaces/compartments in the changing backpack to store all items needed for a baby/toddler. You can easily put food and bottles in one compartment and nappies and wipes in the other which is great and easy to access when you need to be quick.

Claire: I love this bag and would definitely recommend it. I often don’t like the look of other changing bags and when I looked at normal backpacks, they didn’t have enough compartments to help me organise the baby stuff. I was delighted when this bag arrived. It is stylish and spacious without being cumbersome. It has useful compartments and there is a front pocket which kept my things separate and easily accessible. The shoulder straps are comfortable thanks to the padding and I can wear it all day.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: The bag manages to be both stylish and functional. It is gorgeous and I would be happy to use with or without my toddler. It is large with more than enough space for the things a baby need. It has many compartments allowing you to be organised rather than fishing around for one item you desperately need. I love that it is a backpack and hands-free, making it much more practical. As well as using it as a changing bag, I would be happy to use it for days out/hand luggage when going on holiday. It’s great that is has multiple uses.

Carly: In terms of usefulness and looks I would choose it to win. However, the price is too high for me. I don't spend £100 on a bag for myself so probably wouldn't spend it on my baby. There are more useful items like a buggy and crib that I would rather spend more money on. However, I really love the bag so now I have tried it would think about buying one.

Natasha: Yes I absolutely think it should win. It really feels like it has been designed by someone that has seen the shortfalls in other changing bags and thought about what mums today really want - a stylish bag that doesn't scream I'm full of nappies, wipes and bottles. It can be used as a stylish bag for a non-mum too. I would keep this bag when my children have grown up as I love it that much!

What changes would you make to this product?

Julie: Making it a little bit smaller and most definitely a little lighter. These are by no means deal breakers. The bag is still useful and will be used on organised days out but it's unlikely I would use this as my day-to-day back as it's just too heavy to carry around. I found the laptop section a little unnecessary too.

Sophia: The only thing I would add to this bag is a lined pocket that many other changing bags have to keep bottles hot or cool. The changing mat included is a bit small as your baby grows, however, it is the same size as other changing bags I’ve had and I tend to use a different one that is wipe-clean (also from this same brand) so not a problem for me.

Beth: With the Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Changing Backpack the only thing I would change if I was to purchase it for a newborn would be to make it look a little more child-friendly. However, it is a great bag, very stylish, big enough for all your stuff you need to take out with you for day trips and it is a decent price for the quality.